Phone died while looking at calendar girls

I say I’m not addicted to technology

I am the computer.

I survey with lenses, microphones, and lots of other things.

Onto the elevator, a woman steps and her smile is like perfume.

Can I erase thought of kinky beach blossoms with that? Totes.

I mean, totally. I’m not progressive.

My aim is to be great with a perspective…

A REAL person is in the day today…

I call her the “Once Daily” babe.

Its ONCE in a while, but I will compile a smile.

Sounds silly, but the quest of the heart is SCARY- it takes in too much.

Its not a meeting or lunch. It’s a love you do NOT confess…. to them.

where everyone is comfortable because you don’t pursue but one BORING MOMENT.

and it lasts for always

❤ those neighbors. You are amazing.



  1. You forgot where you put your keys
  2. No, you NEVER registered the memory

In order to remember…

In “order”

“In an order…”

to (purpose)


member 01… Meet members 02, 03, 04……………..





so that’s the lingo.

remembrance is body. It is tree. It is a spring of all things.


did I say , “go go gadget memory?”

shhhhh! I just MADE my memory


inhalor is?

then I receive a memory from a quelled mind

being chronicle angry is 9 times less remembering being KIND to others and oneself

this active calm I believe pleases the soceity

its source is I believe a “common area”

so if I wrote that I would not know as I believe in universal transsubstantiation- my doctrine that ALL people do is live and consume and its better be wise considering the universe is not junked- it was taken back by Señor Peace.

Remembering an INHALOR is not important like breathing but are unique infinitudes.

bored? Read my article “Bored”.

Back Up Chute For The Suicidal You

You are like this if you are who I am writing to- you have a secret back up plan to abort life like a chess game.

A conscience can be pesky. Also realism. It doesn’t look like a real suicide until it is. You might see it completed, but only from an out of body experience if you believe in that. The mixture of timing and insanity plus your will to get in a big foul up is nearly impossible even if YOU WILL. I’d say if people die by suicide, God must have made it legal. Also legal, some say, is “Hell”. A good God and a hell- can that exist? YOU who end it unleash all this shit you feel and statistically one of your nieces will copy. Or nephew, son… You have choices.

NOW… That is to ME. AGAIN. I get tired of argumentative people.

The spare CHUTE is to kill your identity. Not body. Ego. Pride. Self-respect returns.

My Style Of Writing

I just don’t give a cluck!


hear wee go:

My style is a subject that I rarely ever touch upon

my writing is here

then it’s gone for me

i hope my readers ready themselves for writing that is not made… For shelves

i text as I talk with the style that I walk with

Korean discipline and martial pith from a war Sun Tzu

if u look you’ll see that within you is a place

sought by the whole human race but the power to change your life is not nine ninety-five

it has something to do with you being afraid while also alive

If you want great security, discuss it with me and we have until 8:30

If you want to be blown away, you’ll have to wait for another day

Dying Sideways

A car on the freeway flips

and the truck behind it wiggles and flips.

Chickens fly out

the first is hit by a car


POINT of death is…

its not seen

a big wind is frozen



I AM sorry

couldnt deliver

Kopfkrankerschrakenzie Aus

What is my jungle of feelings looking like?

Analogy mastery- be my Yoda!

  1. A rock, paper, scissors game was not born in Sillyland. THERE it is brick, stick and chick giving her legs a KICK
  2. Three pregnant women at the bowling alley look like ball-thieves.
  3. We are all in-the-now? Okay then we are all homeless at work. Prove how you are not! Sucks, huh?
  4. If you are serving a 40-year sentence in prison, you may meet me. I have questions designed to help you deal. I probably won’t help much. Maybe even annoy. But I have so many analogies in me, I’d like to help excavate your heart. Sounds like love. I call it hope and charity. I would say there is a very complex reason you are there. I get that you are stuck with YOU with a real name and sentence. Take your place? No thank you. Better than you? I am on the big side of prison- never been in, not willing to go in. But unique- I AM AN EX-VICTIM of crime. I have heard hell’s bells before being admitted to psych. I am nothing, but if I am like ANYONE I am like a prisoner inside-out “afraid to be left out”. I probably have no business with asking PDX Penitentary if I can HELP. How desperate to be HEARD AM I that I’d visit a prisoner while sick and vulnerable. Fearless, a little ignorant and confident that I have strength in something worth risking my own discomfort. I will not be doing this. I don’t think guards would like it.

At The French Doors With A Knife

That was the voice of the man who slashed my wife

It wasn’t in the news

It was in a small country

Called “home”

My wife cannot “love” me anymore

Due his BREAK-IN?

We were in our underwear in bed

I shot 3 shots

Three to the face

“Kiss of God”, the angel told me

“kiss of god”, I thought

I hit his face… in a mirror

He came nearer

To her

Stabbed HER for shooting at him

She doesn’t sleep with me

She sleeps by herself

Every night

And every day

The knife wounds do not heal

As if she died


It has been eight years

In Alta, Ukraine

Every year a bomb goes off at the penitentiary holding my wife’s murder


I’m the bomber who bombs in the frozen roses. YES it does cost me a lot. Helicopter rental. Good pilot is my friend. Drop the 1000 frozen roses, rice like I am marrying you to my wife in death. Is she dead?

Reader, do you doubt? Alta is not the city. Do you think I want to get caught?

European reader of my assassination blog asked how much the roses ARE. In Euros. Well, in Euros zero is zero. We steal them since in the hierchal ethics of bombing a prison, theft is a bubble gum felony. You still want a number? Getting them to hold water and freeze is HARDER than ordering the bomb FPS Russia wouldn’t even show…

I see it go off. It makes me sick. There is no skill or ceremony to it. All of life has been overcast.

none of this has been truth

some of this has been truth

half of this has been half-truths

from  A particular point of view

the dinner of this ragged world is paid for, and “btw” slop is optional

listen for the sounds of slop hitting the plate and EAT peasant

( some people deal themselves THOUGHTS of this kind of thing every day… why should they deserve to feel like anything less than a somebody?- they tell themselves.

The control of this voice, though is far more difficult than any of the psychological experts are saying.  It’s not a psychological voice!!  It’s a psycho illogical voice of poison… and I guess only writers can detect true demons. Yes, demons. How else do you explain natural death?  People say we evolve so now let me make a point.  If we evolved we give out to the point of being immaculately detailed and self-sustaining in living to no more than 75 years in a GOOD working body.  Who thinks mother nature for making me think that there was a God and spending all my years looking for him but it turns out that I am no more valuable than some food on the shelf all the Zen thank you so much. We all know there is more. Maybe not the God you want or don’t want but SOMETHING and somebody loves the human race. And can name all the sharks, tigers and terrorists. If you are against judgment, please let the terrorists free.

its more complex than this

When a terrorist dies early from being assassinated, I say:

nothing. Because the cab drivers on the west coast act kind of meccanically, listen to Imam radio.  I bet the CIA would be interested in the immigration trend where I’m at . And who. I’m 95% sure my imagination writes “threat sightings”  where there are none.

I know there are these movies and I guess I kind of like them to that all the types of James Bond character shooting people for the country and after seeing a movie on our own USA interrogation holding people looking for Osama bin Laden……  I know the American people are a victim of something !!!!

The American people are victim of being fed a story that Osama bin Laden was Satan. The simple 10 year search for one man was kind of a billion dollar bedtime story. In this story the bin Bad Wolf got a better death than he deserved. The End. Oh this might backfire into Pakistan and fuel school shootings there where my friend’s kids go to school. They lived. The End.

do I sound mad?

im emoting today

please do not look up Pakistan. There is truely a high incest rate. It is probably fueling the Taliban bazaar bombings. If the U.S. pulled out it would be best, but not for me because Shayan Afridi is a 10 year old I care about there. He and I have the same rare blood disease. I am glad he is young because at my age I question my value thru what I can do still and disabled, I write. My WEIRD question:

I know I am a good writer. Doing WHAT, I actually DO know my power and purpose,  especially when I’m being stupid for fun- I  actually worry about being too stupid in words.  I think everybody who is writing does.  Stupid question is do I enjoy writing anymore?  Kind of sometimes not really.

i’m going to stop this train

I’m going to stop t

I was starting to get irritated by the sound of my own ways and voice

pleah! (Cat puking)

Hey look at the shit I’d try to get away with what I’m writing !!  Follow me everybody