An Idea

Do you want to let the whole “NSA online surveilance” thing go? ASK the government people to PLEASE FIND all the aggregate data gathered from “illegals” on buying trends. Why? To prevent market crashes. To ready those men on Wall Street. Keep the USA going smooth? I don’t know.

Information that is accurate may be useful. Then again, who wants to have a stable market at that price? There is no price- we’ve already paid. Let’s INSIST on action. Anybody like to draft – I do not.

Also, if I have a hacker taking pictures of me, you can use them in the paper later when they say, “This guy was like Teddy Roosevelt.” Go for it


This Is”Pre-press”

From here, like at the Wall Street Journal HQ, I use the tiniest processor. Just the same, this could be printed in WSJ, if they had room. Writing has rights and responsibilities. What I write in this format, could reach others- does my freedom to write BECOME FREEDOM for others- and is that good enough?

Green Party

If Your Left Margin Is Hungry

It may seem that writing is a ormal activity. However, what if your left margin is…
ur left margin is??
left margin! Oh no..
ft margin is being EATEN…
rgin is being QUICKLY eaten and
n’t know what to do. You do not.

Well,it is quite easy to tell hat it is happening to me NOW. Maybe now that I am typing..
that I am typing GOOFY. Mmaybbe.
hat I am typing goofy. Maybe.
m typing goofy. Mmmyeah.

Its NOT an actual problem. That is unless you make it one…

Bye bye
ye bye
e bye