Football helmets need to provide cranial protection.

The Senator from Syntaxville has spoken with authority of the gleam of the Hsil Mary wish-chuck.



Composite rubber bullet material… (are they not millionaires.


All seriousness aside, how about a radio, rearview cam, cheetos, sippy of gatorade, epipen, aspirin, morphine… but no guns… how about no ball, either?

Mske up a hero game, not a gay Olympic Roman with gold sweat, pecks and butt… no… cigar smoking Darth Vaders where the goal is to Formula 1 eachother’s physicality with rubber bullets with stste of the art (sp.) GEAR.


   Rubber bullets. Rubber shrap grenade. Controversy. Call it one of these: “Capture the Flag Extreme”, where death is as incidental as boxing deaths are. Recruit: Retired soldiers, Civilisns, enlist them. Prevent hate. Play it. Its called, truly, “Hardball?”. But for my Uncle Rodney, son of Chaplin Major D.L. VERMILLION,  I dedicate AT LEAST- HIS CONCERN… better helmets.


For life and cervical vertsbrae injury, skull fracture and more!!!


Recipe. I got your invention. Physicists and ballistics… NEED apply!- their mind for a good helmet of salvation.



Gummy thick plastics like airless tires have.


Be thoughtful of the feel, then the look.

That’s all. Slap a logo on the side of an alien see-thru helmet.


Play ball.

Or war ball.

I don’t care.

Uncle Andy, Cousin Andy say

Play safe boyyys

Knock someone in a war dance.

I’m impressed that people still want to win.

I do.

I want to win your longevity.

Give your heart to your maker.

Don’t fight with him.

Let him be your spirit within.

Let the game begin 


Pink wine

Pink wine

Hello, hello. Its me, all you folks.
Back from the dead. I went to ER as I
Was having stroke symptoms
With esophageal spaz.

If Reaper ever nucker you down,
play possum. Its good for cardio, too.
I have had high cholesterol all my life.

So from last Tuesday until now
An amazing thing happened. I took off in my head down streets of gold WHILE observing THIS world. The beginning was clear. The end is obscure because THAT end, in physics, is a dead one. However, my energy shows I have aptittude.

Well, if you want death, it ain’t moving on. If you live forward but look back you will know.
I believe I felt a catch in my chest. Andy, if you are reading, tell your professors… well… thanks.
Mmm… its a reach, but did you share my work with your professor? I am a mentalist. But also, I saw that a PhD was discussing Syntaxsinner in a class. I saw that online.

Andy writes “Health Is From Heaven”. She helped motivate me. And improve my diet. My problems are hereditary, not habitual.

So I made pink wine. Home carbonated water and there IS 50mg of benedryll, too. Benedryll is a pain killer. For me. My pain is linked to psyche fear and body. Its like being an Un-Illuminadi… no fun.

Don’t anybody think my procured drink is a
suggestion. Please. But its water and OTC benedryll. I am at risk for stroke. This tonic is tasty enuf actually. 7up used to have lithium. So I am 100 times ahead on silly syrup.

Excuse me, but I needs to sleeps now…

Ss Yi Nn Tn Ae Xr

(Use depth perception…
One can read “Syntaxsinner” easily)


Is a dream

A memory

Of a thought?


What is it to remember a thought?

To remember the remembrance of a thought?

To reboot the recall of a remembrance??


What is history?


What really happened?

Down to each atom?


Do you see how I think in time retroprospectively?

Its ridiculous.

I’m calling

for lights.


Lights on the universe.

Let’s see what we’ve got.

I feel empty. I could use a little “clue soup”.


Thank You Is A Bouquet Of Flowers


It is.


We say thank you everyday.

Sometimes people forget.

Its okay.

I do not have stats

On how often people say thank you

Or what it means.

Its much

Better than flip you.

Screw you.

F you.


If you keep cuss-count, and maybe your visera


Your body stores memory of all the things of we…

Think of your health…



Dirty words are kind of high school, jr high, middle school, military…. if you want a break,

Well its worse than that cigarette.

Restaurants don’t have

A no F bomb section





I am not campaigning.

Well… a little

English has been reduced to shit and shittle.


I did it.

I’m IN.

If its a sin,

We’ll all be damned.

(Well I’ll be damned)






I hope you have a funky nice day…

All you Oswalds!


I do better.

Dang righty.

This is the New English Empire.

You can sit on it.


I Just Watched Splice On DVD With Aidin Brody

Are you all familiar with the joke,

“The Aristocrats”? Is a joke where its NOT my parlay,

I like to keep it clean albeit technical and

anal about details without excreting. Unless I excrete like a tube of Windsor Newton, I am not into disgusting things. I am into discussing things. Haha.


So “Splice” is a little well done film with nothing to show for show because its an aristocrat show with all the opulence of weirdness and violence and if Aiden Brody hadn’t known how hard he hit an out of tune B movie, in the key of What The Frick?


Well, he must be laughing about having made that clunker. Hey I enjoyed the movie. It was so thouroughly stupid I could not take my eyes off of it. It was like a Woody Allen meets Alien Dom Perringoin pop tart party. All the girls (and guy) were tarts, horny little science mush makers.


And I’ll ruin the ending too, because it was so bad. $3 movie owned forever. Viewed once with one third of my attention as I sat in th 6am dew light, sipping saspirrilla… don’t you? Yeah, I just seen at the end the leading woman was pregnant with s normal baby and I thought, “Great segway… watch a POS film for for fun, the back to reality. Teal babies. 


Not genetically engineereed psychopixel no mo’.

Uh uh. You abused my senses too much Aiden Brody, with your nudey whity chest, a heave and a ho.

That science project film shoulda been called “No go.”

Don’t see it.

It will melt your windshield wipers.


Tago Taco Mugi!

Syntaxsinner… how do you sign for this?

As A Kid, I Skipped Church And Went To The Library


   Well… actually the supermarket where I went with my brother BECAME a library. It was an Albertson’s supermarket back when gumballs were 1 cent. 10 pennies gave me some for “now and later”. But what better thing for my childhood santuary to become than a LIBRARY? A place where facts are disputed. In church, adults would come up and say, “Hiiii…”, with their morning/ coffee breath. That evangelized my interest AWAY from this weird stinkin’ place that took me away from my beloved “Musashi” cartoon that played at 8am on Sunday. I was being learned in the doctrine of “WTF is going on?”. Sure, there is reality at church for some.

     NOT ME. I’ll go to church to see friends and family, but the closest I get ON EARTH to knowing an all-knowing is the holy mauseleum of hardback. Dead people… authors are still alive. I get a resurrection ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, because my current library, the Ledding in Milwaukie, OR, USA is open Sunday. It’s the most beautiful array of people’s spirited words caught on paper, wholly scripturated, bonded and insured to be of use. Sometimes when I walk by it at night, I wonder how much energy is generated inside even without patrons reading.

     In physics, energy at rest at a height is enhergy called potential. I just moved to an apartment that ROCKS… you would think the ghost of Frank Lloyd Wright is spinning around… the library has a great big window overlook, and from where I am sitting, I see I have 14 minutes left on “INTERNET 2”. You, my fan base know maybe I usually write from my jail cell from Hell and I get weekdays off…… oops…. no, I didn’t mean to say that. Syntax sin. Not mortal. No, I blog from a cell phone, not while driving in the Mustang. I pull over to blog. Usually to the middle of the freeway. No, but if I am still here at 80, and I doubt it (I’m going to Hel for writing hot. Speaking of Hel, she’s a little hottie of a Norse goddess. At least she admits she is taking you down.

     I love my wife. Whoa, sudden subject change…

    Okayl, so my favorite things other than RIPPING on church are:

My wife


My apartment

Writing, Reading… no arithmatic

I love my friends, like Soile in Finland, Shakeel who lives in a war zone in Pakistani Kyber District.

The Ledding Library and chocolate (close)

And driving my Mustang (It makes me feel the power of the Force, whether Sith or Jedi IDK)

And… I love my Betta fish Stanley (Kubrickson) and Foo, my aquatic frog who is a genetic anomalie like myself, having grown a second right arm. “Foo” is short for “FOONF”, German for five. I am multilingual, and like a black flag, like Foo, I have 3 rare diseases- hereditatry angioedema, Immunoglobin G deficiency and Hepatic LDLp production, last level was 1100. I literally walk on egg shells to not have a heart attack at age 39. I’ve already had a few starting at age 15.

So to me, my church is the Library, with a bias for the quiet at the historic Ledding. My conrgegation is everyone and my REAL beliefs about GOD? Hahahaha… I dropped out of Multnomah Bible College because I found answers and wrote a disertation on women’s rights that was CONGRUENT with the Judeo-Christian Pentatuech, namely Deuteronomy, the surfers book of the bible. They were so intent on confronting me, I stressed out and had a heart attack. My Doctor, Dr. Saddoris, now confirms that I was having m.i.s. So, do you know what they do when YOU don’t know how you feel? Mental wing. It was a real trip. No one visited me or found me in 6 or 7 days. 30 Oct- Nov 9, 1998. After being ditched like that, the word “Family” dissolved and I am friendly to everyone like a stray who is confident that being a stray IS home. Like a Disney cartoon or something. Pfff.

    Not to worry, because that’s where I found another older gentleman who had heart problems, and Thomas Jefferson’s God met me there. Thomas Jefferson never said what he believed. Hahaha. He said if you like what he DOES, then you must have the same faith. Wiseguy. That’s the difference between thinker philosopher and POLITICIAN of his day. Politicians did stuff. Mere philosophers wrote about the justification for not doing shit. Ralph Waldo Emerson was in a way better than Emily Dickenson. He was involving others with his thoughts and they are workable. Useful. Emily, I think was not so social, but became so after her death. I have a literary soul crush on her when she talks about the yard, spiders and spins existential tales.

     Well, I need to check on Foo. I have a life, you know. It’s blogging, er… Facebook… No! Sorry.

     I have crap to do. Bye.


[S] Syntaxsinner…             …don’t fool yourself. This writing is illegal. No, I’m kidding



   I sent an email to the Chief at the fire department in NYC. Its 2014. The years since NYC’s difficult day made one day in September called “Eleventh” hurt even to say. I wish the fellas who are vetrans of that day of major exhaustion to their bodies and minds- blessing. 


  The Psalmist says after the Valley of the Shadow in Psalm 23…


  “Surely goodness and love will follow me…”


David the King saw terrible war, his own people hurt in 1000s.


He goes on…


“And I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.”




Its short. The most read Psalm. I want the 11th to be a day again. It is, but here it is hard. 


Surely goodness and Love… sounds pleasant. Lets have it. Lets have a nation. This century started rocky. Man. 


The psalmist is departed. The song of hope? Its here. In you and me. Singing let freedom ring.


I Am Smarter

Than Alfred Kinsey.
On sex.

But is that
Really that hard?

You have to kind of suck
When your data sucks
And you hump
Your coworkers.

He single handedly
Is responsible
For the sexual de-evolution.
He and his cohorts.

More of an impact
For nil-moralisation and
Subsequent disease
And families destroyed
Than Mormons can BUILD them
Back up.

Experimental and eager to be IN
His work like Kevorkian,
But not do it, like Manson, Hitler
Or an army general that orders
A suicide mission.

Kinsey may have some facts.
Who doesn’t??
His life work, no matter what small achievement he made
Is more than worthless.

I like his enthusiasm.
Like a boy scout who loves the wild
Then has no merit, knife, compass and
pretty much thinks being a boy scout is to be TOTALLY REDEFINED and have a female scout master and she’s 35 and he’s 13 and he experiments with how can she be his leader and lover and replace his belated oedipal feelings for Mom and gets her pregnant. Then he thinks “What if the new baby grows up and we revert to a Greek thought and at 31 I marry my daughter and her mother? Will that be enriching?”

Kinsey confessed to promiscuity with men at the dinner table. His wife had a panic attack and he just kept eating, talking about that it was wonderous.

What about feelings?
The man was openly insane and accepted by a TON of curious people, so his insanity still goes unchecked.

No one is an expert on sex. Every couple gains an expertise on the psyche and depth of the other’s emotional stasis.

Kinsey knew shit about stasis.
I hate his career work and hope it burns for all the hurt it caused.
It hurt me.
Permissive soceity- Kinsey… he IS the father.
(Maury Povich style)

S.s Syntaxsinner…     …I hate lies told by lying liars

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Topic: Paranormal Sensuality

Topic: Paranormal Sensuality

Benedict Arnold.
And now ME.
A traitor of males everywhere!

I don’t give a shit.
Women… do you know what happens to your men when they look at a girl they feel attracted to? It does not stop when they fall in love, EITHER.

A priviledge, pain and important ability of men- whether they LOOK ON PURPOSE or not, is, if they see a pretty woman, her movement- we have pulse differences but also, even if we are NOT erect, our frenular delta and glans receive signals. A woman’s clitoris is the cooresponding member to the fetal devolopment genital area. What females feel, I won’t say, because I don’t know. But if a female laughs a lot… nevermind.

So to a man, since I will probably not be seen in public this is easy to say- we may see a Woman’s day magazine and not feel much. Be assured though… and you guys who are not aware, either, you are constantly having a dialog between your “two most important” heads of state. Sensational.

While it really is rough on the body to view pictures of death for police, they desensitize. I believe men look at pornography often to get ideas of a sensual nature OFF their mind. Its not only arousing. A man is driven to view. More than that, engage. So pornography plus invoking a voice and fantasy makes the mind play the playmate. These women are real models… so I realized that. I think that “bad” things should be avoided.

I still have testosterone. I am a man. Jesus was. He was circumcized. Ya kind of have to have a “circum” if you downsize it. A man with active glans and frenular delta nerve endings- please look those up. I AM a little bashful. Not very. I don’t want y’all to think I’m reading you something hot. Picture old lady naked. Whoa, that shut you down, huh, pal?

How can men be good? Men are not good or bad. Its very subjective? They do bad and better. Maybe good. Sensations in the main male organ serve to protect soceity. Keeping it underwraps, we men don’t say, look at her… we also see weirdo guys approaching “girl” in red dress, vulnerable handicapped woman and live to run at them if they touch you.

Our paranormal sensuality tells us who is soft and nice. Its not lust. Lust is googling “Bimbo Ho XXX” everyday for a month, 8 hours a day and talking to your computer screen. I hope those guys cat mauls their achilles and they go to the ER and meet a nurse. Meet real people.

Talk to real people. Be nice to women. I was into porn in my 20s and also would throw it away out of regret. I felt ashamed to talk to real women. Now I know pictures ARE neato and not for ME, so much. I think nude photography is more human. Still, if my body says “paranormal sensuality overload”, its not here or there but I don’t like to look at what makes me feel bad. To look at a woman and deny her body from your eyes in a way that you sense she is okay with… well she can feel disrespected if you are too moralistic. Some men stare and stare… I don’t let guys like that be near my wife. They kind of need to fuck off, grow up. Control themself. I don’t want to get into how offenders feel… they use their PS skill selfishly and are narcissistic. That’s a hard think to fix, so those who want to experience normal…

…that’s how guys work.

I have no citations.
For any of this.
But… I work.

s.S Syntaxsinner.wordpress.com… …a dude writes this.


Zen Set

Zen Set

Lemons from 1908 A.D. cryogenic angel tears
Turned into mist
Received like a boy with a crush… kissed…
By the older sister
Who is actually prettier
Than his crush
Tsk, tsk!
The feeling is polyorgasmic in his
Unrefined senses
He lunges to kiss her again
She backs up
And he misses her lips
Lands on a breast and accidently bips
A behind a bra nip
And for
The rest
Of his life
Every purposeful embrace
Is not the same

Now maybe I will never forget
Being a horny boy
I hope not,
But every day is like this
Maybe not quasierotic, but more deeply
“All Visera En Vivo”
A breath is better than an orgasm
And a sunset shows that perhaps
A day’s death is a “little one”
And hunger to live
Is fearful

Love breath
Its crazy, no?
Be in love BEFORE you meet someone
Love the hell out of life