Revolver shoots 25 rounds. From a banana clip feed. Its a “revolver” because that’s what we will call them for our own good in the coming police state that I PRAY FOR to silence gays and religious hyper politics and ebb outgoing military dealings to weapons trade more than soldier service SOF which is also appreciated by me. I am technonic. I am human. I stand with the U.S. government PEOPLE human beings like Gulf War vet neighbor with injuries to his senses- I counsel him a bit- he said to say “Haifa SEAL Team 2 in 1990” he witnessed- he only WANTS TO MAKE SURE HIS commanders are doing well- it was Act of God. His dog tag said Athiest. I saw it. He believes in God like a lifeforce and love or I don’t know. Whatever he got its powerful- some say “ptsd”- I say he progressed to “posttrauma stress in order”. 50% of the men are dead from drugs. Drowning is close to Hell as empathy goes. I’ve done both and lived. That’s why me and Zarow are friends. Oops Zorro no time to correct, Russia is in the game. We’ll see a play made in 2018. Vladimir Putin may not be around… At all … Without holding a pen like gool ol Bob Dole. Putin is physically kickassinger than Obama, but why use my free speech to say as a geneticly part Russian American, if Trump was not in office Id take Putins Russia or Putin as our president. Gotta stop “gay agenda” flat. Story on Orlando was not good enough. I believe “out of closet” declaration may get a person shot by secret disgruntled muslims. Very serious REAL threat. Bloodhounds like Blue Angels or Bloods of Atlanta given names and do a shakedown for a not-fake pay down from Parador, USA. OR.. THE CITIZENS, We The People can TURN the clock around and use gay in 1940s context. The country is about to get conservatuve like never before… Unless we all collapse like Syria that shot itself to death. USA is about to? World needs… a reality check way to live and live for trurh justice and a new renewed American way. One citizen at a time. One realistic-life contributor at a time. I am disabled. I cant only write and study. Its wearying. I feel stupid and worthless.. Indestructable nowhere. Unsafe always. Hard body makes 1000% the dif. I have a c1-inh deficiency. That’s PAIN on speed dial from the internal plasma bleeding of HAE III. Or… Born with bad and good luck. Description of me: prometheus looks up to eternity and Hercules coming down to his torture. The story of Prometheus I claim as to be about ME in name-it claim-it self made fun-prophecy.. Im BETTER- I really do suffer- he was a story only. I have GOLD COIN on Earth, baby and no disabled suicide here. Let the Earth’s gravity kill me! Eat eat eat. One day. I ain’t afraid. I got…… The Father-lord of Nazareth nonStrike union of father carpenter and son no proof he could hold a hammer right but I say Jesus *is* a lord now- how? Spirit body. Ultima metaphysics without tissue. Sentient better than Tron but similiar. Matrix- sure but only as a superb 2D meditation manifesto on the total human questions on Christ’s legacy. An undead once-dead legacy and future too. He’s alien in ways? He’s human? Ya know, I made alcohol with yeast sugar and H20. I ask “what did Jesus do?” His blood to me is like Tesla spark in the PNS peripheral nervous system in me. I ask if the old Rugged Cross was related to grounding for electricity. If lightning struck the crucified ever? It would be a favor. Jesus screamed his way to the top. He cant be dead. He cannot be dead. A real born human being died and time went on. He did not time travel to Sunday- he died. Maybe in Sheol or Hades- not Tartarus- whi knows, he went to the darkest place in the universe in death, hit a “time slew”, painfully remade everything like Hitchikers guide only better- talking “hell-time” and died And he shouted. And Resurrection accounts have The Earth glowing like Eden I think. I’d like to see the good NOW- protect who I care about and screw property dame or things. No more racial profiling of me. I can control myself in that. The enemy is misunderstanding or malevolence then a gun to a Christians head click boom. That REINITIATES real Christian martyrdom in the USA- first time. Serious followers of Christ mind Christ- not seek death. And glory. But Christian martyrdom only GIVES- we who copy Christ shun all violence as especially toxic to DO, where maybe we would rather die than witness the malevolent painful condition of man. The Imam of ISIS may reason that all lives have pain order spree “euthanasia”! Come to the USA and take eucharist instead. Who knows God’s mind? Maybe he has a relative related to us to. What if you called out: Siddartha, Joshua, Mo … If I shortened Joshua to JOE I would say to God on rare occassian “What do you know Joe?”, because I believe Siddhartha leavibg his parents in their riches was akin to | son of man, son of god | Ω If people played their cards right for 2000 years more, the Earth as a world would be at the same stage of god-less-ness… Unless energy continues to coarse like an Earth ball going in Tesla zaps all over… Living in God’s Tv… Universe I… What’s on for next universe? U-2 playing there? On 5th dimensional Jews harps and celestial time warp banjos. Yeah sure and my name its Twinkie McGee- penguin author penning in penguin poo all day and night. Have a have! Have a day. Grrrreat!

Janet Reno, Safe Forever


My thought

Cults in the USA abuse people

Janet did work that said “No”

I have seen “cult”

I painted a picture of a girl in court

Survivor with daddy


Are there happy endings?

There are living endings

There IS reality

There is a katakujutsu that is unschooled


Who was Janet Reno?

My face and unlit cig


Thank God for watchers that tough!

Living in a cult is-


No judgement

“Thank you, O | The Reality | for Reno. ‘Winner’.”

– Andrew HarrisΩn, Oregon

Non-denominational psycho-cult survivor


REM Politzei Kiss

Before I woke up this morning

I had a special dream


In my dream, a blonde out of copper-tone uniform was in my dreamy bedroom

I guess my dream merged with a civil servant’s



Police ladies have commented before that I am fit…

Americans seem to think police are a drag

I like em

And now that I am practicing kisses in my theta-states of imagination, and seeing a weary girl soldier look at me that way…

I do wonder!

In my dream, my gf’s friend knocked on the door

I said, “Oh no!”

Off sister said:

(Smiled and psychic said, “I’m not moving.”)

So I let the friend in, who just sat there in the way like some gf friends do when they fantasize

Non contact 3-way!!!

That, for me, is every day

Beyond sexual

Romance pulsar in my bod

Oh I am already..

Poly Gamer in da head

Ladies College Girls No Sticky Crazy Lovers.



Get in my jacuzzi.

Get in my bed.

I kiss you for you, Crackerjacker whammer slammer CHICK


Pickle Tickle… hold on

Marry me

You.. You.. and especially you

I an Blue Krishna.

I love girl cop FLESH

I wanna put a hand

A hand on your GUN HIP

Hug me hard

Officer Ette


Chief focus of this morning’s dream

Was to kiss you like a kiss of cream


Man slut

Prisoner of love

No record

If you want to talk about your NEEDS, Ofc. Ette, fem solid gravity yet Tinkerbell petite… I offer shiatsu mastery

And topless, chest to the towel back adjustments

Free for civil lady

Guy cops- find an equally devout commoner lady like Szu Sehn Chan the barbar on 17th


Its hard to like an Officer girl woman laser lady- her bros of Force could tazer muh balls or make fun of her


I want I want I want

A blue laser in my room

Why not?

If you hate cops, well ha- I have a use fir me on ironman | Fe | + male luxury ladies

Their job? No uniforms allowed in my shower


Death smells so good as I wash her hair and Scooby Do her Scrappy-hey.  Hey



I am more than horny

I am slap-my-knee happy




Kiss n spank a thigh

On a gal and not Ahnah Gai



Officer Lovely Locks…

Come again to my dreams




Naughty Steel Worker Andy

Golden Gate Lemming Drops











Railing photo memorial





An American



For survivors

For loss

For prevention

To decrease






Coast Guard



I think

That what I think




So I web log


Blog it


For the 8th time

Not including city e-mails

To nice ol’ SF

That living photos


Would be

The greatest American not-blog

Logging life


The deceadants appeared







A Christmas home

A real heart wrencher

To a lost sheep


Or do we enjoy

Autonomous autoviolent video

On YooHoo tuber?

I do not

Suicide is too “too”

For that Bay Area

I am guessing

A weird freedom

It would be cooler

To die

Of cancer

Cooler to challenge

One’s own spirit

To stick-with-ship

As it is


Is getting

What they need and want

Insanity sugar coated?

Looney Tunes “Now I’ve seen everything”… Aaaaaaaaaaa… * BURST *



Ship cruise up


Why not leave the fallen leaf

Like Autumn

Why scoop up biological mass?

120lb female

310lb male

167lb young male

110lb young female

Brady Bunch it

Why not have Mike Carol Alice Cindy Bobby Greg Marsha Peter Jan and Tiger all go over together?

Like the great accident in 1824 AD during the Great Depression

Casualties did not exceed what was expected

Yet now

They have

The bridge glory

Illusion of grandeur


Is natinally known

And seen

Help has arrived

From the East

I am Thich Quack Duck

The non aqueous non immolater Mayahana crimson lotus maybe-maker

I say YouTube: Mapo

Or we will never see a decrease

Or just “hope” elsewise

Never too late

No fear

No shame

Writing this kills me

Its so boring

And I am not sure jumping is ultimately bad

But for Coast Guard ptsd I write

Celebrities Who Hold Jesus Christ In Very High EsteemAbove Themselves

1) Sylvester Stallone
2) Michael Gross
    …he was on family ties
3) Wynona Judd
4) Gavin McCloud
    (Love boat)
5) …
6) …
7) …

Second topic

   I made a half-attempt to kill myself recently. Took 510 mg of dextromethorphan- I have hereditary high cholesterol and chunks in my blood. I had a TIA yesterday (MDs listening?) and I said “I have had enough”. Pushed for another to possibly stroke or idk.

    It is not mere attempted body modification, although drug slur does have its wear and tear benefits.

    Who puts a pencil into their own ear?

    Who blows their brains out with a forty four?

Marry the TWO.

    I don’t like Earth. I just live and work here. Sucks. Can I get a Semper Fi hua that America is the best and that it takes a pinch of beautiful death to keep freedom?

   So Me?
I felt endestruct valor rake scathe from my FILs new W who took all his M and just yesterday trespasses me. The po po in Milwaukie, OR do their job to legal T. Its not okay with me.

    Killing me almost. I wanted to die. What does God want?
Legal thieves and loveless marriages?????

   I tried chance to die AGAINST it! This Earth in OR USA reeks!!! I want Mayburry. Not Obama socialist (NAZI-ish) steroid bury. Milwaukie sucks to live in. 200 $ ticket speed traps. HIGHEST IN THE NATION FOR TICKETING

that is NOT anything.
Only a perfection score.
Will they save my life?
I doubt it.
I asked an officer to get me in to pump my stomach.
No reply.

If I choose suicide, I have the American right to change my mind. I turned out okay. Dextromethorphan is a somatic elasticizing drug but also BOOMS your bp.
I have ldlp of 1700, so DXM with ME at 1000mg may be Russian Roulette with a barrel and 25 holes a’spinnin’.

I doubt I will die of suicide. I also doubt I will die soft like a male Angela Landsbury saying: “Oh I am sleepy… dusk awaits this knight to dream in forever castle land.

     “Honey!! Uncle Morphine and Aunt Vagigi are here! Supper is ON.”

     You cannot pick your exit.
My advice to wannabe suicides is shut up. Do it or don’t, dork. Think about the path. Not as never ending but turning, pausing, etc.

    And magical air berries be yours. Always free. Invisible. Yummy. I just ate one. Its joyous.


I Was Suicidal, Went To A Psych Ward. I Went To An ER WHILE I Was There. Because I Have HAE And My Ass-exit Was On Fire

      So… I just told the best parts. Quit being so nosey!
I had to show a fem doc from India my Cornhusker. If you laff, you- are RACIST.

       Hahaha. You did. Racist!

       Against your own KIND.

       So are you HUMAN?- or illegal alien?

       Again!- You racist sack of corn meal. At my expense, too. Oh but I insist! For example- take my ass. I would prefer yours. Mine does not work at it like yours.

       Lol?? You bastards.


Hey. I did not kill myself.
I am alive!
Lets have a gay parade.
You drive, you homos.
I will watch.

I wont SIT and watch.
I said my ass-gate was on fire. Edema in my Panama Canal at my buht exit.
Do you know- going #2 feels like a catch-up punishment
for being a dirty minded boy?

Wanna know a dirty thought of mine?


Wait there a second.

Just a second.

Wait for it.

Aw!! You are DIRTY!!

I don’t like that.

Clean up your act whole



Well? What??



I am covering up a very
scandalous tank top.
No. An illusion.

Beat it!!
NYC style.
Bugs Bunny style.
Foghorn Leghorn style.





Uh. Sorry.

Eden Expansion Mansion

   More guys, more girls… forget last NAME. It is a no last name party.

   Someone share with Heffy Hefferton that Eden may have been a charm school at one point. No rules. Adam wearing a flamingo. Eve, drunk before Noah at 505 ruins her Vo5 in the river and… almost drowns.


      Pre-Tarzan BoBo Ape swings in to kiss. Samson’s greatx23 grandfather comes in and says, “Wham”, stamps his toe BLUE.

       The teens are in the field giggling in the flowers exploring Mother Nature’s flora, stamen, pistols, loobliary goober-dos and please do some more.

       Mr. Fantasy Island is short… Tattoo is a giant…

What a vision…

Do you NOT KNOW your history pre-sciences, kids?

Well the Transformer cube comes later, no transformers and….

(the rest is an other world mystery funk)

Delicacies At Last

Grandpa sat on a log in the kitchen, chewing on turkey. Grandma did not scold him. She is the prophesied anti-bitch of Turkey town, diametricly opposed to fuck ups at the table.

   Elbows are fine. Grandma ain’t black or Chinese… I better harp on my own shade of bread- whitey. White people bitch a lot. We are shitty at jumping. That’s okay cuz Oriel at Walgreen’s cannot swim. Screw racism, anti racism, pee cee, p.c. auto-apps gone!

    Who wants an auto app that says, “Hi butt face! 01101110!!! That is binary for biracial.
        Try another:
“01101110”. Oh shit. Shit shit shit. That says,


Men on Mars

Shouldn’t Indians go to the Red Planet first?

Just drop a basketball and 5 cheerleaders.

Then when the blacks go to mars (for candy bars you, you, you, you racists!) Have the brothers play cowboys and Indians.

Bring boards.

We could call it…


“Ghosttown Planet”


Mfgmv mffmm mcm

(Pudgy baby says,
Kick some motherlovin ass.)