Curse God And Die

|| This is what Job’s wife said to him, but I BELIEVE she said more like “Let us hang ourselves (body is part of the sacred image of God, hence harming killing defiling it by breaking it was not just “a sin”. It would be overkill if a penance. Job rode his grief out and was rewarded.

No one may agree that Job’s lady love (described as a hag in church) that she was any good. However, as the law of fear is like fire for fuel. Job worried about his kids too much. He loved them too much. He lost them, his wife lost herself and no one knows if Mr. Job had a new wife later.

I think there can only be two options. She died and he lived to remarry. They both lived and it was good. Or bad.

But in the spur of the moment what WE say, “Go fuck yourself”, is like saying hurt or kill yourself. As a JOKE to say it’s not very entertaining. It kind of says, “Die, no one loves you so finish yourself.” But it doesn’t EXACTLY mean that although certain words can be good and bad magic and liability for a suicide hate crime pretty much ruins all facets of one’s life.

So the root point is that bullying is the top pet peeve of everybody and I think there should be a secret martial art to deal with bullies using “barely legal” tasers  at random by undercover Jump Street part #27 guys…

and stuff.


Or cease.


Can you fathom one human body just lying on a couch. Imagine they are made of cells. The human body is referenced by each time a named character is summoned. If “Julia” Julia’s body or hand is pulled to put her on stage and do what?

Model. The light-based energy in her is illuminated to show her organs, even.

In the water she is flash frozen in space. No breath. No motion. No perception?

As quickly as she was frozen she was thawed to 38 C. She stared out at the light and said, “Death is a beginning… Bodies are illusory… Except the body of the Master of all Master, who took our stripes and wears all crowns to keep them eternally in care and peace forever.

i feel my body takes on different feeling states. They are powerful enough to debate it as drug-like. I do not use non-Rx drugs. I’d love medical m as I have “cancer pain” but some drugs kill. Having an audience of you all means a lot. It keeps me from giving up to have something to do. What ever your reaction, peace to you who love peace, blessing on those who bless their mother even if distantly, in anticipation of new future writers. This will be where future prophets preach, skinny girls teach about nutrition, guys talk about becoming who we will be.

Assanpaadamanama The Ninja Monk

Back in the day all priests still married…

Monk The A, as they called him. He invented the nunchaku by linking two dead dogs with a long wet lime-colored rag.

He refused to marry as a priest because he was comparing the Hebraic Christ-fulfilled archtype for a winning savior hero as being at the altar but not ever meeting anyone but The One. This scared off all his girlfriends because they were pagan do-bads.

So this Monk A time traveled, has a bAby and that’s me. And I grew up in Portland in a lab next to Amtrak. Under the tracks. We live here in watery tanks. We are fish. We are web savvy. If nothing else, made you look. Fricken A. Served! I take no responsibility. You read a BS story. Just. About. Finished. Yeah goodbye! Same to you! Him. Not you. Bye!

Hovering Over Death In The Field


The field is quite big. Large as the Earth. This Earth is really quite OLD. The human history that went unrecorded was real.

It is to me.

I think of all those people wearing hot layers for morality sake. Were they moral? Half! I bet maybe half were “moral”. These would be the father to the father to the father to the father in me and another two “our fathers” and that is the grave I am at now. With no God, is there a spiritual anything? Is your name God, God?

there is a lot of material on death customs that do not sound morose. Often times people become religious out of a response to life’s impermanace. I see a need to remember the teaching that Jesus saves, then do as Mayahana monks and make the body strong and knowledgable about death’s nature.

An age 5 I invented a religions out of breathing as I meditated “I die if I stop. I don’t die.” Age 41 I read Thich Naht Hahn exists. In person I have had Eckhart Tolle hard core supporters lean towards telling me I am up for Eckhart’s chair in the future. I threw my whammy dice and got “6-6-6” and I was like, “Yao.” That’s the chemical that stops my superstar. As a person I laugh but I really have a hard time with lame ass medical condition in me. Infusions. Expensive like stinger missiles. For gov’t? I think it’s hard to accept real people in charity pay the $4,230 EVERY third day. Not insurance. A doctor accused me of messing the system. I have been blacklisted. That’s okay because so have all my black friends at some point.

It counts not as commiseration, to be disabled with life threatening illness and take the time to say:

“I Am Raceless”

would you look at that? The I Am is iconic of the deity and the races are living lifeforce

In real time, I am 1/4 Swedish. 3/4 Euro Mutt.

I’m in such pain NOW that it does not terrify- I glean “sayings” as pain is my body is my thought tree. amen. Speaking from pain is great communication so saying “Amen” is appropriate Ms. Hooberdisher…

my pain is flat and smooth my ribbon field of dead earth

sin could be in it and this soil could be sin, and what if all we do it sin? *slaps self straight* sin has synonymns… Ommm….

Rest As Death Meditation

“Make every effort to enter that rest…”

-Hebrews, Bible

If you want to rest forever or just 15 minutes, the “chambers of rest” are like death when dreams are scary. Maybe dreams ARE real. Well they are a part of us.

I regret others are not in my dreams. I just have crazy dreams I am famous and awesome, then I write my WordPress blog and naturally I see I am an icon in innerspacial reality where God almost is or something. So I’m writing to an audience I am connected to. Over space, but gravity of the need to be very real and call that good. No need for religion. Reality rules.

In now, someone is with you. It’s you. People should be treated as if they were Jesus and in trouble or demise. When you favor life over a god name it’s okay. God made people who invent secular tells me that he is not afraid to die down to a person that we may feel full again. Right in real life. I need renewal now myself. I face challenges. Things can be hard. Scary. What grounds me? Maybe religious thought, breathing, doing something kind. Doing kindness can be a serial behavior. Long story.

Authentic Writing And Useful Writing

What is writing?

I personally think of ancient writing as having more elder ship. If it’s still used, then people love it. Like a Bhagavad Gita, Beowulf, stuff by Homer, Buddha, Early Christian church (gospels), early first-millineum monks in China- Christianity seems to have no face or existence at all in Buddhist or Middle Eastern countries, and there is anti-American sentiment.

America was founded on “deism” which is another kind of atheism that works in public and private life. But extremists, quoting deists from the 1700s, misrepresent them as modern overboard Christians. They had reverence for Christ but they were cool about not mega-referencing crucifixtion every DAY. The bible itself quotes that over speaking a matter nullifies meaning. Ecclesiastes.

Why are there not more churches that are calm and not extreme about “repent or perish”? The fact is that PERISH means die like die and rot. That is biology at its finest! Repent or perish in regards to a fallen tower is like Jesus saying do not stand under the tower of Pisa during earthquake season. It’s an all-inclusive “live smarter always” or there will be “hell to pay.” Hell. I may have been close to there!

I was not careful with my HEALTH. Biked 20 miles per day. 1998 October. I had a PTSD flashback and had voices telling me to cross the highway without looking. That actually is basicly ego killing Id thru human sacrifice. I had self hate inside. In the hospital, my super ego killed me ego inside. I had given up. Hungry for closeness I made myself flirt with another cute girl there.

But the orange Finish wanted me. In extreme S&M, an Orange Finish is actual and a string of felonies. There are people who agree to use cigars on you to mass scarification, then immolate you. Sounds really out there. Well in me I have felt it for years.

It goes “I’m no good.” When I die, that’s nowhere. Body dies. I have info about OLD WRITING that proves entertaining and useful. Also in psychology, similarities to theological “values” CROSSES OVER to death prep for self.

The super ego is perhaps the more soulful. Sacrificing ego is like father sacrificing son with Abraham. Perhaps death is the sidelines and not an end. A fake end. The Spark leaves. During even the day of death, God surely scrutinizes our actions fairly, like if you are doing your hair, God may think- “Why bother.”

I doubt God thinks much. Because I trust that when I die he will not be mean. If he IS mean, then OKAY but I figure he would be kind to me. I have been kind to children and animals with the thought God is one of us, kind to other gods and maybe life and death will prove FUN. I like a happy ending. I’d settle for an okay “continuance”.

What if I die and become a pine needle on a tree? Or the wind? What if I see great stuff in a heaven? Going from Earth, I gain what? I gain something. All the people I have met- do I wake into the Wizard of Oz? Leave with Ruby shoes?

What is better than friends? I hope to continue forever, even if only stored in a quantum 3D chip to store me. BUT THE BODY IS MORE “TECH” than tech can make. Technology is a facsimile of our BEING. Mayahana Buddhist even get pulled into cell phones. There is a visible war for the mind these days! I try to LIVE more than I read or watch. Phones take mass tech. Kudos to their maker! The human is an often abused creature in need of patience. MUCH too often people express no hope for man. I think the world has done well generally in 2015, and trillions of flowers bloomed. Untelevised shark attacks off Austrailia left some deaths. Oh well. Most people dislike others. Well, all people like someone. Even if only themselves.

It is a sort of strange world, that is rotates its fetishes in fashion, sex, religion but keeps the same beer recipes. And pizza stays about the same. People fear and undying death until they go splat. And die? More like recompose and its rank. But we pay Mort to handle the schloop and suit in a coffin box. I wish it were legal to dig your own hole for Pops. Tribal! Prove yourself a man! Bury Dad with coconut dance of fury.

Religion should heal. You know what?- I suggest the AMA get with the Buddhists who study inner health and strength! How, I don’t know. Americans see Asians and maybe they see Asia and not the saffron honor and nobility. My Protestants have done less for medicine than Mahayana Buddhists. Maybe Protesteants while often alcoholic in stats still do convey the message on TV (not so much in heart) that there is a LOGICAL fact that does take belief like anything else requires a belief. That Jesus is actual, death is actual, he died according to historical records. And as religion might put it “he rose again”. In my mind his life force was drawn by a higher force and got him up in the tomb. He’d unwrap. Have a scar to his heart. Walking around with a killed body? Did he heal a bit? My silly questions.

Bah! When we die we find out or who cares? It seems to matter. Inciting death fear is not my goal. Although it happens. Sometimes easily. I follow my heart beat, feel my breath. Every day. Often. I get eternity now. I see eternity. In an orange. Maybe I am weird. It is one. Then sections. Pods in sections. Designed but kind of cute. Love is in simple things. How can God or The Over-All not be kind? If so, hope can go forever. Or I can drink gin when I’m angry. And watch tree porn all night. But I could focus. Obey the seduction. Call to hard work that is part of true greatness. The Holy Spirit free in me.

There is no path to peace. The Holy Spirit is peace.

-Thich Andi 😜

A Safe Day

I got up out of bed, and my wife did NOT stab me in the face with a steak knife, although it was there on the bed so I went to the shower and STABBED the shampoo and I did not slice off my own balls to start a new religion called Waldorfism. Ball-sacrifice is homage to the pecan. We worship, thee, pecan.

I head down the hall and a guy has a shot gun running at me and I stick my finger in the barrel and pulls the trigger. Not loaded. We do this every day. Ninja in the elevator, old lady is a Muslim ISIS warrior! Hide!!

I see the land lady and mentally I am debating flipping her off. I never do. I go out, but drugs, shake the dealer’s hand. Antonio Vasquez at 10235 S.W. hood view Drive, Muluka, North Dakota 53404 Apt.3. He is outside on that THERE DECK at 8pm every day because he deals CRANK, Shank, Shaw, and has a home tap of Coke. Coca-cola. You can shoot him dead with a Glock 9 banana rifle. It would piss his family off, but his innards and bullet blood spray sound like ART don’t they? Of course, screw Antonio Del Mar Vasquez, right? Because you just HAD to make sure my character Antonio dies sloppy you are now imagining sloppy slithering snakes that are pink icky and sticky. Or maybe I just got home! I’m okay! Goodnight!

Greg The Girl

Greg had a condition and made the best of it- AND THEN SOME!!

Greg had a condition and made the best of it- AND THEN SOME!!

Greg was a guy in a woman’s body. But Greg did not say, “Oh no I’m in the wrong body” because he knew he had a good FATE!!

Greg rescued all these chicks who were being sent to do hoppy-doo with dirty old men ON FILM.

The chicks were told they would be special someday. Then put on a train to hell where pink dragons stand up and... I cannot say more...

The chicks were told they would be special someday. Then put on a train to hell where pink dragons stand up and… I cannot say more…

Well Greg hacked up the wingy do-bads and a girl named Sandra kissed Greg! Greg said, “Wait!”

Greg turned into a guy. And married all 20,000+ of the chicks. They all ended up on the same cycle and murdered Greg but he enjoyed the whole thing.

THE END ____________