Lipstick On The Mirror

Styles come and go…

Where are all the kindnesses?

Where is love?

I have heard that the heart is a shredder…

Who is watching from “above”?

one million angels

or even one Almighty God

needs to be “of love”

I want a true love


Thrill Is Gone

I looked out of my dishwasher box

i put my head back in to sleep

said I put my body back IN

I did not make a peep

i like living under the bridge

on Porter and 43rd East Street

at midnight I heard a cry

from the nightmares I find inside

said THE clock HIT a twelve

i don’t think I feel alright

someone took my crappy box

im glad

i started to see train light


i won the lottery

got a suit and tie and shake

i sued the rails good

even though no trouble they make!

i got a suit and tie… And shake the hand of the next guy in a refrigerator box

now I drink all the PBR I want

every day I eat a steak

Kitten Porn

The father cat licked his own a** and the people said, “OMG!!”

There may be no connection, but Daddy Cat’s children “Daisy” and “Flop” play, wrestle and then sleep together. On top. Actually indifferent. And they put their nose in eachother’s ass. Nice parenting, CAT! Way to be!

Gnarly Porn

She said YES to the movie

She said YES to the popcorn

SHE SAID “oh YEAH!!” like Kool Aid man to the butter but said nothing when I showed her that I brought lube to

“Wall-E 2:  Time To Die”

And she took the popcorn away

and she sat  and she sat 5 rows up

then she left.


Poorly Written Porn In Hidden Alien Annals!

Zorbert Tron of Giuli System reports a human mating copulation:

The dude and chick got in a van. I hid in the front. Taking notes.

“Do it!” he commanded. She walked out. Something about “Only in a Marriot”.

we think a marriot is some kind of wheel you get strapped to like  wheel of fortune and there must not of been enuf room in the van

part II

I HAD a class at a community college. Today. The woman teaching the class touched her chest. Played with her necklace. I confronted her with after-school questions. She said she actually could use some company. I took off my shirt. She said not right away. I faked a Russian accent. Then she said okay. Literally. Like “okay! enuf!”

its so nice to be an alien.