Hundreds of CIA agents died in Cuba. This was when Castro was in power. I have spoken ONCE in disrespect toward a Senator and his late brother- John “Jack” Kennedy. I did this with cold love and icy disregard for media and pomp. CIA agents get no celebrity. This may be why the fallen are called “stars”- THINK ABOUT IT- who but a patriot, well-trained would risk DEATH… and death at the hands of the most monstrous people. Was Castro a monster? I think “lack” of ammunition was a monster. Its a moster “situation”- a Latin coup with WOMDs in 1950. An awesome time but not so awesome for CIA. 1500 dead? I won’t challenge that. Near-expiration stress is horror, but imagine the agent’s excitement who died shooting live ammo that still LIVED after he died shot and he hit 8. I have the video. Its a bar of soap that tells ALL. Irish Spring? Hell no. Ivory for Black mutherfuckin’ ops. No mother, really. My black ops are armpit #1 and #2. I fuck em up with TANGELO HERBAL SOAP. Always use HERBAL SOAP, Agents Vactor and Agent Thresh- you will smell like India-n… INCENSE. Its universally used. “Dial”?- you are American. My SOAP TOLD ME YOU MIND YOUR SOAP, sexy CIA orphan liason rookie…”Billy Madistone”- mad as hell Flinstone SPY. GAZOO INSIDE. LIKE FUGGIN Intel. Bah BINGbah BINGG!! G’nite