Gold Field Freedom

Golden fields are real and crisp in a dream.

I made UP many words OF and FOR the one righteous man that existed among men.

Mind, mind the Reaper as you sleep. He can take you any time I suppose.

you WERE the keeper of Harry

you keep his daughter who belittles me

Why? Why am I hated?

Cain and Able syndrome.

she would maim me

beginning and end as a theory of completion…

I need not commit suicide though my wife Rose is hating me or life with me.

I’d also like to thank alcohol in moderation, tobacco, 0.5 million mg of DXM (2014) measure precisely for medical use

She screams at me for using it. It prevents a lot of pain and depression. So MUCH pain occurs

I conclude ………..


………. That no conclusion is necessary.

in fact,

conclusion with an

argumentative spouse is impossible.


Anybody it is impossible.


Anybody is possible





Now… Did YOUR mind CREATE off of my words?

Schien Schoy Shay Hay Ay Ahyt A’huht

This is the sound of steel in a flesh tongue mental strew swordness.

do you care for capital

i skipped it

there is no capital

in it. Forget it. Oops.

testing a real sword fight touche between two brothers?

Open the champagne BEFORE the games begin



there will be no words about MOM



There will be no words about ME



oh brother, IS THE grandeur of your life as special as a

Pussy to discover?

ha. fuck that.

only “chicks” get spec treatment



that is how you argue with your brother

never let him make you smell his farts

you make your own

God was nice enough to put your nose FAR From your FARTS. Praises.. Praises.. Sing any kind of praise for that

did you think he doesn’t especially love you just because we come out the same. God must have some wacky way of knowing us all like papa smurf only we are not in a stupid painless cartoon people’s.

Without the web, I pinkie swear just this once that I make no money writing and that I mean for all my writing to be inspiring towards a happy daylight. Daylight is we big people go out and zoom zoom! I feel like I have the universe and heroes armor in me for the 41 years and 2 months and 10 days I have been outside the vulva. It’s COOLER if you do not say “mom” for a bit and realized WE ALL CRASH LANDED ON THIS HERE EARTH. In Jesus’, no, into surgeons gloved hands.

So must I be human? No one has ever defined what a human is. Do THESE look congruent: (?)

Telly Tubby Actor

your mom

Pat Benatar

you know what?

i do not proofread



i feel suicidal which to make it more realizable is that it may “really be that time to go for me or not”


Like I was saying, I have been facing some things

texting from where is statistically highest to be shot or hit

my body actually warms itself up in the danger zone

also my wife is having issues

her dad died but before he died we visited him

my wife’s anger over disorder is creating a blasphemous beast picture in season 2 that only God can see

season 2 is God as “she” setting her son to die, to not sing, to be wrapped up too tight


human beings seem to be the only to love by death to themselves. It gets tiring to have PTSD and recharge so you can mess with someone or kill your spouse in bed

I suppose TRULY earplugs and no butt plugs placed SAVE.

There is more why I can let go…

people hold loose to me. That tells me home is here. People choke me then how is that not like a Dahmer having your finger meat in his morning muffin? Jesus said to eat HIM. As psychovampiric Rome the welcoming must have been JUST as weird for him as for us.

I use medical marijuana. Not much. I hate smoke. She said this morning that I’m addicted. She has a TBI. She is mean.

Cooler Girl

Jess put out her clothes on the bed, ate some Chex cereal. Set the bowl down. Sauntered over to the bathroom with a corkscrew hidden in her hand.

She had hid a bottle of Pinot Grigio, still cold- had a date and did not want to be nervous. Took a bath, at the second glass started to cry  and started to play with herself. She felt silly but emotions are complex and end up within us, trapped. Time to go. 5 minutes. Take the Beemer. Yay.

She left home, never met her date. Broadsided by a semi four blocks from home. Ran a red light. She died.

I figured this would be just as good a way to die as any.

Crook Me

too many times for ZERO crimes

had a light on me (and PTSD from a

grammar school disaster net in my all-flesh)

I’m going to stop

and BE

THE white stripes FENCING IN the blue.

citizen AND cop, not “versus cop”


there is no barrier group, is there?

how about “Aloof citizen”.


NYC has it down- “f@ck everybody.”


everyone needs a good facking.

My Real Meeting With Worpress Executives This June

I tried to represent. I tried to represent us WRITERS!

They want FAKE stories. Uncreated. They hate stories made by people.

so do I.

i hate writing

what. A butt ass waist of thyme

ANYWAY… I lied have had the opportunity to talk lying to the CEO in the orange Honda….

I  have the opportunity to talk to the CEO in the orange shirt. Ruffle-cuff. Is it 1970?

Orange is their table

Orange is their CODA

Mr Wachinstouphfermisister says so!!!

ceo of May-tag

or WordPress