Andrew Harrison: Home Address, Contact Info

Andrew Harrison can be contacted at

If you are super nice and can answer the $5 question, you may even get to talk to him on the phone…


After all…


George Clooney, while single and more famous is… not available. But Andy has that celebrity down home goodness we all know all too well- or not. Well…


He celebrates himself… and others… everyday.

Remember this, happily:


Every And
Moment Futuristic
Is Thoughts
Like Ever
Yesterday Reel

No palm readings, prayer for dogs, prediction of hurricanes (be ready), no love gifts, donations gladly nabbed, I paint nails, won’t wash your hair, your laundry, cannot offer pardons except during boardgame play, will pray for cats and dogs if you love them just kidding, no fortune telling, weight loss advice (I got tummy), no scuba lessons, kung fu… you… must… be ready.

No drunken emails, crying, leaning on me instead of your husband, no being “friends”, you’re either like family or an acquaintance and we are friendly. I’m both socially inept and adept, polite, don’t need to “be right” but I stand right. What’s left? I like short conversations. I scare comedians. I am funny but not a fool. I don’t know if I am safe. Sure I am. I do want friends. I also have an agenda. And it is a multifaceted machine that I need help finishing. Its my project. I need help. I’m not making chocolate. Somdthing sweeter to invest in.

I’ll give you a hint. “As big as the world but take away the world and give me my sharrre…”

? mysterious guy born at Emmanuelle hospital 04/10/74 is riddling a crowd with mullets ?

(They are taken back… )

Answer is:


That’s the five THOUSAND dollar question. Pay me $5,000 bizzillion and I will tell the most valuable assett the world has to survive. I don’t pay any space gold to anyone to tell ME. If you know, awesome. See you back on Planet Vucori! If you don’t, I know you know deep down. Y’know?


The super secret club in club house B is

Zz A-bot Robaht Klub for Adult Childrin
Disassembly of self
Battering admired.


Ag! Change it.


Okay… that’ll fit for now


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