My Wiener: Autobiography Of A 12-month Old Boy

If you are a man, you already have a copy. Remember when the babysitter who is younger than mommy and pretty did a special diaper change? She saw your weiner and told you to be good to girls? No??

Well then I was molested and LIKED it. Soft hands on my butt. Then I splattered SHART without a fucking conscience AND WATCHED HER take her top and lacy BRA off and got BABY WOOD.

Emma Grillstone was SO TAKEN AT the sight of my 2″ BABYCOCK, that she came on to her HUSBAND in the back of THE ROOM, and she fucked him raw.

I saw it. He had a bigger one..

I was so fucking jealous as a 12 month shitting brat.

My dick has always counted.

My “Third Hand”, according to Hinduism

My very old snake plopper according to Torah


Jihaad NOW!!- in my pants

Oh Israel

The One

The Rule of the Yod

Devourance Rites

The masticulation and consumption of other once-living, breathing bodies’ bod, cooked or raw, ingesting their body matter- through one’s esophagus in a holy, thankful way..

AKA Go to Burger King and put down a Whopper or three, grease runnin’ and thankful unto thy lord.. or rippin’ a fart to incense unto Lucifer, his enemy

Bullies persist until they get old

I Hope I Have “Clearance” For This: True Real Daemonic Possession

Contains sexuality break all over the place

The movies put it close

I saw Jeff Banks of Oregon on the edge of being pulled into Hell

I said to him, “Stay, sweet ugly brother- be not thou possessed”… In GUTTERAL cruel threatening English- the BLACK possessed man was English- duxe fucked up on meth and my friend

Insisted on LAYING ON ME

What the fuck, Jeff?

Never seen you since

Cast away daemon:


You remembe in TIME

Not at the hallowé invisiary tsar bomba blast

I am obSESSED witb frickin TSAR BOMBA!!!

OPPOSITE!! Of a demonic suckage

My soul-

Resilient through a few OTHER eternities

Reader know-

I am here for.. Thee

A hero on Earth in a human bag-skin

I exist

So do YOU more highly than I….

I was branded by sulfur

I am the last in line


all receive the reality of the mark of god on the forehead as written for saints and not beasts




El Abdul

El Shaddai

Rock the World


Bang Bang

Second Adam


El Shaddai

A real guy

With feelings




El Shaddai





All Mighty God

Isn’t he?

Isn’t he?? ?


I am…

I Am with he

Press My Word !!! !!!!

20161030_204950_Film3.jpgvagina receives a dead-shot at a new life

Childen and babies wonder what the hell we are doing.. just a little

Remember the good feeling that makes them exist!

Paper art is all I have

I am on the list!

The list in the Book of Life

I have hell

Not to pay, but to beat

In the infinite and illustrious “me we”

I’d RIP MY HEART OUT just to make two or three feel the same as I do

Sanctu “other place”- invite us old children in!!

Iran Pakistan Mosul Kaliph house NAZI redoers Hellboy Junk shipper High volume cocaine shipment New LSD factory in Anchorage Billy lost his virginity to Teacher Rose, Alien cum samples, Nukes in Antarctica, Elmo blows himself, Tom Drums are gay

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Nude pics of my ASS on Facebook


You will want MY ASS

Facebook: John Johnson

Later: pics of my Johnson entering paradise

Fuck ye not

You are Puritanical, CIA

I am not

Bring me a Scully… I want some RED in BED and all the pain that goes withah


Cinnamon kitty

Aliens n shizzat

Classy act