Tron Me


Ahhh… Dark neon Tron day

Houses Of Religion


Pakistan is in turmoil. Arabic and Muslim countries are not nearly as pious as they are made out to be.  Islam is about order on this world’s plane. In christologic Christianity, Christ is portrayed as king of a spiritual world.

“Christendom” in the past tried to rule the world and lost. Islam has a huge grip on societal structure.

In a bible, you will find no prerequisite attitude toward government except submission.

Interestingly enough, “Islam” means exactly that. Submission.

depending on how you view Islam you can see a system that has worked for 1000 years… Or a society regressed and stuck. I see beauty in it.

I am leary of accepting all of it. After all, Islam and Mormonism both make pointy white towers and were started by angels.

But the values of both make order in society. Mormons have the WHOLE U.S.A organized in their own grid system according to stakes and wards.

No other American religion does. And both Islam and Mormon supervise the poor and needy and handicapped without judging. This cannot be said of the Evangelical movement. They do not take care of their own! I know firsthand.

Makes me wonder what God is REALLY up to and I think he is better than I knew. And that there is a heaven and I will be there. Scary… But worse is no hope.


wpid-img_12501890665855.jpeg          Me

Me do not mind posing

Me fashion is so hot it’s labelled: “Ground Zero Waltzing”

My fashion will thresh,

baste, skewer, braise, launch, grip,

sizzle, flash, tuck n’ hide mystery pop,


But it will never fly,

Because I have no students

because rhyme and reason are amalgamated as one,

and my recipe is impossible,


Based on such random influences as:


Miami CSI

Mr. Rodgers

Kenny G

Ali G

Different Strokes

And this year’s fashion line from Luxumberg (alternate universe)


Watch how you dress. You could hurt yourself.

|||| 2014

Seriously Now

wpid-img_12786464575407.jpeg           Circumspect

Take me a look around you.

how many the heck men are autistic or have undiagnosed mental disorders??

America is CAUSING early PTSD IN MALES


IN Judaism, there is a REASON they wait EIGHT (8) days to circumcise baby boys. In Africa, very young girls are mutilated

In America, 100 million males have been circumsized brutally right out of the peaceful womb

The reason? Cleanliness. Oh Joy.

Suppose the early unconscious memory of being genitally lacerated (AGAINST Judaic recommendation of a 8 day wait)… Suppose it pushed maybe 100 men to be serial killers instead of USMC Recon???



Yes. You are right. Immediate lacera… I mean slicing, burning… It’s nothing.

I am glad you feel okay that circumcision is okay for male babies at 2 days old. But a female- that is the wrong one to cut.

good job america

The BEST Driver On ANY Road- Last Century Is…

wpid-lauda-1-sign.jpeg                            Niki Lauda

Darth Vader never went so fast, so hot, so burned, so awesome… George Lucas, F1 fan… do you agree?

(Btw, I submitted a plot for a Star Wars  type movie that intersects us on Earth. Legally they had to reject unsolicited material. Sky walker RANCH E-mailed me and rejected me, BABY!! That is high, high REJECTION!! Hahahah! Yesss.)

Mr. Zog


(Mr. Zod in his office, 2011)

Mr. Zod is the Last Jamaican ninja. Born in a cul-de-sac in France during that war that really sucked ( they call it the great #2 ) he taught himself ninjutsu by READING BETWEEN THE LINES of a Lil Golden Book called The Fox and Das Hund.

Last year he came out of retirement, but what would YOU care?- everything he has done is secret.

Master Zhou, the ninja daddy of Pakistan, says of Zod:

“He owes me $50. I will kill his brain.”

That is actually AFFECTION to threaten a fellow ninja in the order of the Ziggurat from Hell. Chopsticks sharpen chopsticks in the never ending WAR!! Sorry. Too excited. The eternal dance of  PAIN!! Sorry.

And the children in France can be heard to sing:

“O in the mountains, the deadly lava is nice… Mr. Zod scoops in up in hand. He’s cold as ice…”

They do not sing that.


In The Sights Of A Sniper: How To

I really do not want to write this. I am such a mess. What do readers crave? Authenticity.

I got it. If you’ve read my other stuff, you may know I am Andy… enthusiastic, a bit random, I have a medical condition that is hard to treat, I have ptsd. Oh you know I would just love to get on a stage and tell ALL. Wrong-O!  Why O why do I write? None of you see me. Thanks for listening.

I am not easy to live with and my wife might say the same about herself, I do not know. After some financial loss, death in family and some crud too difficult to say except there were crimes and it was not us, I started taking daily copious amounts of Emo Goth kids’ favorite- Robotussin. Of COURSE unsupervised. The active widget IN IT is the DXM molecule and it is, in all actuality, used for fibromyalgia. Adults online told me it curbs their depression.

So I have been a moving, u sinking wreck. Trying very hard not to be a wrecking ball! I cannot seem to be patient at a certain level and DXM- it is liquid courage or ability not really so far beyond its half-brother PROZAC. I have become MORE of a person instead of more WHOLE. I quit not so long ago.

So I do not know what to tell family. I was denied meds that could be MANAGED with a doctor. I TOLD my psychiatrist that I was taking DXM from over-the-counter. He never heard of it. He was pretty much like “don’t worry”. So if I appeared off to my family, I’d be sorry.

There is one little problem. My blood family and my wife’s family have spoken in contest of my wife’s ability to WORK and someone REALLY screwed the hootch as- we got a letter from the federal government challenging HER DISABILITY. She IS disabled. At six weeks old had seizures. Both sides of family are uniquely very religious and my side is pro-Benny Hinn style healing. Like I was thinking, I could explain the tumultuous year. I have made calls while very emotionally distraught and I did not find hope that way.

I am the kind of person who likes to keep short accounts emotionally and prevent misunderstanding. I am not perfect. I believe there is a God and hope and right and wrong. Something I do not understand is that my wife has been attacked and called names that do not fit and I may have to fold and forfeit EVERY single relationship… except her.

I was encouraged to give up on her with no REAL outside understanding- a relationship that is near 10 years. No way. I think it proves sin is in the world. Not just our arguments- but advice to leave.

On top of that… we stand to lose so much money if her benefits are deleted that we will be making $800.00/ mo. to pay for both of us. Because we are married.

I am perplexed because I don’t know out of 5+ people age 42 and older WHO CALLED SOCIAL SECURITY to annihilate US! I do not know- DO I WANT TO KNOW? DO I NOT WANT TO KNOW?

My father-in-law has dementia and has called the police on us. Another family member used my identity and put me in collections.

Moving to Oklahoma is sounding better and better. The NW is too wild of a West for me. Just because I can endure HITS does NOT make me Jesus or a martyr to waste. I am ill-tired and exhausted. Is there, do you think- a “payback” prayer? “O lord whose it is to take vengenge- flyyy?” Well how about “Read my grief, Master and do what you do… YOUR Justice… limited by bounds of MERCY?” Should I think of mercy? I believe we are all connected and I will find who kicked me in the balls and refrain.

I will find them, know the truth and refrain.

Troubling thing is sitting around at Christmas 2014 feeling very uneasy. Maybe holiday time I should realize we are not wanted and we will go feed the homeless like goofy Christians. I need some friggin positivity in my life crud dang it.


Have you ever had the dark desire to “unwrite” someone else’s BOOK? Huh?

Surrrre you have. Hahahahhahahah!!!

I wish I could… UNWRITE the lil Golden Book “The Fox and the Hound.”




HEY! Why don’t you??

Oh yeah?!?

well I have A GOOD REASON!!

I thought they were REAL.

try to LIVE with a LIE like that!!

I loved that dog, once.

cruel, cruel Disney! They made it a MOVIE!

I thought it was a camcorder in cartoon land… You know- like how EDDIE GOT TO ROGER RABBIT’s world…

I wonder if OTHER cartoons are fake, too…

this SUCKS…

it is hard to carry on

I choose to believe and live a lie for the sake of two woodland buddy-kins…

I’ll never be the same…

It DOES take a special kind of hero to go on… Lovin’ a lie and flippin’ a fun with delicate denial and no grip on reality…

I limbo…



I wanna add a character. Me. As a tramp in a wet bear suit.


Oh you WOULD say no.

Oh, sorry

No one understands.


Hee hee heeee………..


and I need a Men In Black mind eraser pen to erase everyone’s memory

I CAN do this

hut hut hut (doing jumping jacks)

the F and the H are toast!


|||| 2014