All Hail The Pyba, Overseer Of All Heads Of All Major Religions. Pronounced “POO-bah”. You are welcome. Thank you. Sit down.

He is a Swedish land roving ego manic… the POO-bahhh!!!

Name? “Bono”. He is going to hell and he knows it. Just kidding Muhammed, Er I mean “Bono”.



Vox it UP!


zoo ROPE who?

Zoo rope a clown named “Naked Adam.”

The rare find clown from a Dublin town. Adam probably thinks Eve should look like him. Upside down SIGN, Adam. portland 2005… We ripped off your music because we are American pricks. Not Irish Ham Hocks like you. What?? Love.

just kidding Adam. Mr. Frowny smoking chain Alice in Wonderland CATEPILLAR. Muh muh mlah!

i am not going to another concert (sob sob). It made me depressed, Mr. Bandana of Religious Unity… Why not band NATIONS? Religion is so thin it had better be REAL. Right Adam?

talking to the screen

what is my following?

yeah the Edge is not going to be reading a 160F blog.

unless… Unless “Bucket Girl” from the List of Buckets reposts THIS ON HER blog…

I did cross something off my Bucketlist!! Think of every form of suicide and walk it out in my mind empatheticly feeling what all others individually feel. It was horrifically wonderful. I think I am gonna freakin LIVE now

then I will die later. Last thing on my Bucketlist is to be dying and while in pain be disciplined enough to fake my death as I die… Breathe again… And DIE… Breathe, gasp, cough… Pause. die fake, live, die, live…

//// 2014

I Am AMERICAN… And NOT Allowed To VOTE??!

Well yeah- the post-Christmas USA holiday SECRET vote! (That is the one where they decide which little countries stay in peace and which gets Navy SEAL death and munch.)

we all as Americans should be able to pick who goes. (I say Cuba! They are so sneaky and still taunt us with Cohiba. Cannot have them, Gringos!)

Muslammers Killed Sancho

Impaled him a thousand years ago for opposing Islam.

a THOUSAND years ago and they still force people to walk to Mekkah, do a spin, throw a rock at sin, deny JESUS the Christ…

… C’mon you guys! Bring it on.

… I am Christendom’s butt monkey!! Come cut off my bloody Boise berry he’d!! I am Dio’s “Last In Line”. Hack me up.

I deny Muhammad AND Joseph Smith of the same crime… Listening to the wrong Angels and briding more than one woman because they may have had a split personality. HEY… plenty of wives for men who are incomplete WITHIN!! Why promote it. I am not an enemy to Muslims. Unless they bear the antichrister sword.

There IS one God. When Jesus called him “Father” JESUS was the FIRST to do so. He is the first born. Okay so no one is reading this is Saudi Arabia???? Oh laughing at me? Hey! Ishtar… Come chop my head off! I will check to make sure you don’t need re-circumcision. With a toe nail clipper.

Oh cmon I am kidding!! Come get me! Muhammad swims in the air by farting backward!! You laughed? See, we don’t joke about Jesus.

Jesus said,

“If a man asks you for your coat…

..tell him to get his own.”

1st Americus clandestine gospel of Juan chapter 112:87

“And Lo if any man preaches good news other than what you received, may he be… (Boiled in oil, shot, hanged, drowned with a big rock freaking out for air but there is only water……..

is that a Muslim?

a Mormon?

a Buddhist?

a Norweigan basket stainer?

a Salvation Army drummer? (Die, snare drummer! Taste the skin… On the other side of heaven’s biscuit!) just kidding!

man, lighten the hell up, people, would you?

kill em all! Just kidding. You can burn the Quran/Koran/Book of Mormon prequel though and STILL the damage done would be STUCK. All the wives who died with their faces stuck to a cloth. For a MAN religion. Not for a woman religion.

i am most afraid of immolation and live in Milwaukie, OR USA and I will never move. Terrorist Intel- the Milwaukie Police know me. I am a Christian celebrity. Sure. I tried to help a Pakistani family and failed. I never opposed their Islam, but Islam killed their kids. 87.

NOW, you Peshawar “NOT-Jatts” in the camps of N. Pakistan here this:

The one true God who does not need Mohammed has sustained the president. You of the Khyber Pass international horror group called “Pakistan Taliban”… No Zindabad for YOU! Your group can die. As a follower of Isa Il-Masaih, (Yeshua, Christ), I want to recommend to you to kill ME and not one of your own children. I too am willing to die a martyr.

Many American Christians are willing to die in glory- we just do not obsess about it like those who pray EXACTLY FIVE TIMES PER DAY as if… As if God almighty cares that a man literally BOWS? In sin, every man and woman is similiar! We all die.

Something very painful please. I want the blood of Christ returned at full VALUE… Like squeezing toothpaste.


You won’t. I am not worth the plane ticket. Damn. 7,000,000,000+ people and no gruesome death??? What?? I still wait for you Aguy Al-witanuzi. Shoot. I am most afraid of bullets. Ballistics make a mess. You’ll horrify my believing family. Uh… No… For a year maybe. Oh ship-stern! Who gives a Shipley!!!

The New “Bitch” Of 2015

The word “bitch” is meaningless

If every time it was used AND everyone was AWARE… it would be staggering all the VARIANCE of use.

“Basic bitch” N. (urban dictionary):

“If you have five baby and five baby daddy, you a basic bitch!”

“If you cannot fart in front of yo man, you a basic bitch”


I’m sorry but I thought that you call a woman a bitch to be nice and not call her an asshole. Asshole is what a guy in a greasy suit is… bitch is what Betty Crocker is when she smokes crack… Or huffs it. I don’t know what we are doing anymore in America.

But I get sick of saying bitch or on the rare occassion feel like telling some nutty mom who leaves her kids on top of the car- I end up avoiding “b—-” (sick of the word) and I say, “Hey, you’re a bad mom.” I said that to a lady who left her baby next to me…

I told her husband what she did. Hahah! Then she said,

“Oh why you look at my boy?? That is a kinda weird!”

She was a Euro-mutt from Witch Mountain. That is when I said to the husband who was in my face a bit, “I don’t have a problem with you…” He almost SMILED? And I said to Jr. Babooshka Biatch: “you suck!!”

No. No I called her a bad mom. When she is in her deathbed fifty years from now, she will be a mother still. What could matter more? So I was thinking of her soul. How weird is that?



While a fine way to WRITE, don’t ever let your kids see you do it. Say “NO” to Iambic Pentameter. Please! Shakespeare did it all, so no more odes, please.

Fan mail is all odes to ME… Really? Why thank you!🍇

Try Making A Not-Shiny Gun


idaho, toddler, shoots mother dead, gun in purse

Let me add:

babies like shiny things and moving parts. better the mother than the baby


if that is cold, ya are a prefer-baby-deader

Maybe it’s payback for Roe vs Wade

99 million to go…


I think that would be better than “My baby killed me because I am a fool with a gun by my lipstick?”

thanks for the extra HORROR in the news

Oh well, Shlem.

Happy Cat And Goose

The cat was so happy

The goose was sleepy

The Freakinstein Fairy paid a visit and waved his wand…

And switched their spirits into EACH OTHERS bodies…

The cat woke up and tried to fly thru the window… The goose woke up and had the sudden urge to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Goodnight.

i am sleepy now

Andy Harrison

This is a picture of me at age now. My favorite picture of me. Big deal.

This is a picture of me at age now. My favorite picture of me. Big deal.

That is me. Author of THIS international blog. “So what?”, you say. Hey- I am the inventor of the four-square of TP per swath maneuver!! Show some respect! Daddy said use ONE square and sit on the can to pee. Not me. If I can, I like to pull off to the side of the HIGHWAY and shit in the ferns and mop up with fuzzy leaves. No nettles on MY keister!

My blog is about important issues… Issues that I have from Daddy. It was never about anything. Like Seinfeld, it is a sweet sucking Moosling pattering for milk and we give it a jacuzzi of Holstein grade A…

You know you are in trouble when you have to run for the bathroom and there is the problem!!- If you run, you are already THERE! Lighten up. Be willing to crap yourself and life gets 75% easier.

Not that I ever was kicked out of a bar and crapped when the bouncer squeezed me. That was another life. I wonder how his day went after that… Down there in Chinatown they are BAD anyway. Poo on shoe… Deserved it. I guess. Oh well.

Hey how about a song?