Olaf’s Loaf From Fallow Field Wheat

Yoy can barely coax these fallow field wheat stalks to produce. Yes, yes. Their field got a rest. But I need a loaf of bread now. Now. Now. Made by hand. By the strong hand of a Uki.

And it’s not happening. Sorry everyone. Show is over. The court jester is back from the dungeon. He’s not laughing. Must be better punishments for someone who must stay jolly.


You feel BAD for cussing. Or you just got in trouble. You PUNK! Why don’t you do a LINE with me??! No! Not of cocaine, you gorilla!! Do a line of…


How? -you ask

no. First ask what it is.

Kuzzin… Is the “cousin”… to



Do you need to F – BOMB?!? Tried the old ones? -like:

Frick frack funk fack fick fock FOG fig fink freck fark ferk FIKE fumble-doo??

Oh they sound so lousy.

The newest cuss words are found in the Facebook garbage cans of groups like Hambone-mutilation mutants, boys on leashes, Dimer-dunk-a-rat and Fred World. Degenerant white boys, 90 lb maximum don’t smoke eat crackers, smoke hair from barbur shop to get high.

THEY are the masters of  kuzzin.

It might be disappointing to here that there is no home brew synthesis for the F BOMB but let’s start with a specific situation…

Let’s say you were demoted at work and want to call you supervisor a


….. ass + h + olé …

(that’s not it.)

(so you HAVE to exclaim something or YOU WILL FEEL PAIN LIKE SOLITARY confinement with your face duck taped to Gene Shallit’s hairy chest.)

Well those chagghanauts start to ramble out some words like

pog gnat!

Butt jar!

cake dump!

(to which the supervisor replies “what?” So you have make an alibi-sound…

what do you say normally?

I need a new car

i want a vacation

I would love to do a BETTER job!!



that last one could actually turn an F word energy into a step in the right direction! How economical.

who really needs to hear this? It’s common sense.






The Borax

The Borax lived in a tiny three story cottage in Hooverville. As people did their “whodunnits”, hoodie and the blowtorches, hoo are you hoo-whos, the BORAX was fine with that.

But when the snake cult took over, the BORAX was upset. The snake cult people wore white. The BORAX was just a simple bottle of bleach. So he moved away.

But then Onan the Barbarian defeated James the Earl of Jonestown, leader of the Vadercult of snake-people.

Gray ham and Eggs! That’s next!


Atomic Life In The Creation Arena

How is life created? Does all material being matter? What makes law in physics and biology?

How is life created? Does all material being matter? What makes law in physics and biology?

What if people created a universe?

Imagine in the year 2305, cloning machines can create embryos from a human plan and not from the big guy. A machine so powerful is THERE! Yes, the umogrifier takes plans, say for example an ape 10 feet tall. The genome is tweaked. Instead of using modified pituitary gland, computers map out the most stable WAY an embryo is designed. Speaking of stable, unicorns are made in the 24th century. Flying unicorns, too.

The next drive of humanity was to attempt to synthesize more space. To change laws of thermodynamics in them to differ from ours.

So there was a father and son living in a cudon (self-sustained cube, makes oxygen. Each is smaller than a bio dome, but close in size. The father, Zane had his son, Aiden, adjust the Holodek in the inside of the behemoth machine. The virtual world of trillions of beings that were capable of being actually created was collapsing. In 6400 virtual world years they would all die.

But for them that was 6 days away. Aiden was 30 feet DOWN a tube as big as an MRI machine when he found where the world-wire came unplugged! That was serious in theory to leave the world gate open! Aiden took the male and female cords and said:

“Father, I have the means to save this world by connecting this. This will pull out all the energy from my body. I will die. I am scared.”

Zane went to the other room, crying. Why was he allowing this loss? He wanted to shout that it was okay but could not. Aiden coupled the wires, they reconnected as he died, stuck, electrocuted slowly. Was he really dead? That day was the Festival Day Of  Freji. Aiden’s body was still trapped in the Creation Machine.

On the day of Sooning, there was an earthquake. Zane woke to hear a knock on the door. Standing there in fig leaves were virtual people who had died returning to their creator- Zane and Aiden. Zane forgot over the night that he had a son named Aiden. The first young man of the game, the Adam figure named “Zohar-Kachin” met Zane at the door.

Zane was shocked. There were more people than could be counted. All was well with his created world. WAS THERE A REALITY TO HIS SON? His son Aiden was a part of all of these newly embodied people. What I want to see is Aiden alive. He IS alive but not outside the game. Or is he? I suppose anything is possible.


I wrote this to convey the primus relationship of the True Faith which is God the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost where there seems to have been a joint put out of place when JESUS died. When he was sacrificed to meet the need for salvation. People do not like bloody death sacrifices but his loss is our gain and he is willing to save. To save eternally, to save temporarily, to save daily, to ease pain and death and prevent death.

Dedicated to our lord and Heavenly Father. Jesus is the eternal father. I love to say “our” father, because we live in a selfish world. I have always liked stories that convey biblical truth in a cool story. Lord of the Rings and Narnia they do. I don’t feel I’m up to doing a novel. Maybe cowritten. And the Father and Son cowrote.

I’m going to get a glass of water😉

See you later


I Would Just Go And Get A Glass Of Water…

But there is a zazzoy in the way… …a zazzoy yundum binny brucknahwee.


So now that I know how to speak Mohuipechi… I will chant the zazzoy luring chant:

Hemming wayyy

HEYYY!!! he’s good…


Hemming WAYYY

Wrote his end

with-a boom-boom stick and he’s…

heez gonnnnnnaway 😢

but his house has CATS and

that is great….



How Did Phone Companies Make Money BEFORE Internet Was In The Package Deal?


    Yeah, my freakin’ phone bill is over $200/ month. I use it less than the landline… well I don’t have a landline. The cell has to REPLACE the landline.

    So how did AT&T and Sprint make money? Hmm. OH! I think I just read something:

(Wikipedia. “Psychic Friends Network”)

$3.99/ minute. PER MINUTE!

$100,000,000.00 profit (from services taken on the phone from a ‘prophet’.)


    WHO is the REPLACEMENT prophet to TELL ya the whatsit??

Not WHO… but WHAT.



Collective “consciousness”.

World as one. Pff.

  South American tribe knows this NOT and they shoot monkies and eat and have homes. Exactly.

    I don’t think the web is collectively ANYTHING. Read some of MY writing! The web is the butt of human thought. Its like people are getting high on JENKUM. And we PAY to. Jenkum is vapor, a toxic vapor poor youth in Africa … and now HERE are getting high on. It come from butt product.

If I had a shiny gold button to shut off the internet…

With ONE press…

I would take that button and…

Sun Ships, Sun Ships

Is this to be illuminating?

Prepare… to be disappointed…

Sun ships in a fishbowl head

Storing up the trauma we’ll soon regret

Looking thru the pages

Nautilus scroll curvature for years

But this day, all and everything of you

(Blown away)

I once saw

A mother breast feed her child


I was not aroused

It seemed like a coffee table boob of


But you do not say

You do not say,

“Trent’s mommy… I can see your side boob… pimply… Goose-pimpled and half full of muther’s best… Please don’t whip it away and spray us like kittens… I am not smitten for your jiggley canteen of… MILK… Human breast milk is the one perfect food… It helps a fat nipple-schlorping baby go from little baby, into a dude… Maybe president… I hope not.”