Read Very Carefully

We take people off life support who are suffering. Sometimes they take the cord and rip it out themselves. George Washington endured doctor abuse at his end and he was the biggest American ever. He said “STOP!!!!!”

What if a person requires $2,500 of medicine each day? And has agony? And the doctors follow Satan and won’t give opiates or hope? THAT’s ME.

If I felt well, I wouldn’t blog! Nothing against it.

My oxygen life support is not a tube. It’s natural. But AIR is prolonging THIS. I won’t yell “fuck” 1000x. I forgive my doctors. But I still am not out of HIGH PAIN. On an original “0-10”, I have gone to 33.

33 is crucifixtion. Jesus really does love his world. I reached 33 for 60 seconds. Jesus did it for hours and hours. My pineal kicked out “near-death” Neurosoup. DMT. I saw the universe. I saw how all religion appears reasonable.

A man who knows insights about the Earth’s destiny is I! The WWW actually seems to be to me a part of destiny! The www Has many uses for communication. I am not afraid of death because I am a worn computational body here. Resurrection is AKA “Upload”. I do not want people to go to church. What? Yes. I was molested at one and they never made amends and this may contribute if I suicide. But I won’t!!

I hope? Fellowship is:


SO DRAW “J-E-S-U-S” on a man, woman, child

not on a building

im so angry for my child who was thrown into a lake of suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kill church

church is architecture that shields pedophiles activity

evil buildings

its not about religion

heck check out what Beiber says! That was a pleasant surprise. Now him I’d claim as a son.

i feel disoriented

Church Of My Youth

In the church I grew up in, I was shunned. I asked what do I do if I sin? I was told, “Don’t”, by a 35 year old man. I wrote to his wife that I believe Jesus forgives me.

She scrawled, “How do you KNOW??!”, in psychotic handwriting.

Man how Jim and Joanna SCARED me. True story. Changed names. Urban legend of Satanic Church in America is there, because Jim and Cole took us camping. Cole separated me from the camp and on threat of death made me take my pants off. This feels like Prince of Tides breakdown scene where the facts are out. I was touched on/ in my butt but not the front. Statute of limitations is dead by 15 years. Cole spoke of demon possession that night. I had an out of body experience like the McDonald’s girl. I’m sorry to tell you I didn’t have strength to run.

Letting someone touch you or even enjoying it ENDS. What doesn’t end is if you die inside. That man deserves punishment. He moved back after being sued for molestation. By SOMEONE ELSE! I had arrythmia and TBI symptoms. If I feel I want to shoot him I WOULD TURN MYSELF IN. Actually, I want to die now 50/50. I now know what pills and doses with alcohol.

But I do not deserve to die. Jesus Christ paid for this. I don’t CARE about sin, heaven, hell. Why send me to hell to see the demons! I could probably point to the one associated with these Satanist Priests.

I wrote Zaphanathpaneah17 where I performed casting out of evil. “Urban Magi” series. Satanists still look for me. Here I am. Bring it! I have The Jesus. A man tried to rape me in my TWENTIES. Jeesh, annoying! He had a demon. I made him leave. The man collapsed. I gave him food. He was on meth and had AIDS. I was a death target. The man wanted on top. He never was allowed to touch me.

Also, JESUS himself actually spoke words to me!!!! He scheduled this. I am in charge as an MP of AWOL saints. We exist! An AWOL saint is close to or the same as Satanists. Conspiracy theory? There are many false sightings. Real ones feel AWFUL!! !! !!

Satanists talk at church buildings. Nothing in the bible says you must go to church as a Christian but only that fellowship must not be forgotten. If you would like to be prayed over, I will. I’m not perfect. I still fight lusts and suicidal ideation yet that, too, is imposed thru magnetic resonance and fear. There are sins I am bound away from because of TRUE HEALING.

I’ve been inclined to contact people being abused in porn via the net AND THIS FELT DARK, man. I remembered the exorcist from… The Exorcist… He suicides, you see. I AM AFRAID to not help others in my spectrum of power… Afraid to go too far IN to territory. One said “Hail Satan”. Does not make her a Satanist. Another blessed me back. I bless for health. I don’t talk to others on meth ever. If they appear high.

A pastor 5 years ago wanted me. Sexually. It scared me deeply for 30 seconds. Then know what? I ran. Told police. They did not sense THAT spiritual field evil… They are secular safety, I am church MP. My pilot light is hell (Hebrews our God is a consuming fire) I was baptized in fire. It made me cry. This was real, metaphysical using alternations in my heart beat. Like ninjitsu only I did not choose it. Sounds like I have Satan?

Do not blaspheme the spirit that is holy- how would this be forgiven?

I’ve had poison in me without dying. DXM and alcohol. Doesn’t sound Christian, huh? I am honest. Ingesting poison and living is a sign. You don’t need to be ME! Please don’t. I have been doing this gig from prep age of 10, learned Kung fu. I’m not good at that. Found I learned ninjitsu without books. It’s a consolation to have ninja qualities as a post-molested boy. I don’t want to be called a survivor. I am. I am more a “thriver”. I thrive, enjoy, study “The Holy Bride” of Christ who is Mr. Mom…. See he’s not scary. Unless he is disciplining the fold. He finds forcive sexo pastors. False Christians.

The pope? Is he okay? Well he is not as important as you. Are you okay?

“For we fight not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and authorities of the dark world…”

thy kingdom come

thy will be done

on earth as in heaven

And I Shall Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever

life in his name 🙂


Still In Love With Judas, Baby?

Lady Gaga song…

Matthew 26th chapter Jesus says:

“It would be better for him who BETRAYS me if he had never been born.”

Why? Because babies go to Heaven and Judas was hell-bound and if he died in the womb he could have gone to Heaven????????

Not exactly.

But what do suicidal people all have in common? That they go to hell? Well, they have SEEN hellacious things. Top reason of death of police in the USA is suicide after intoxication. (support your local police. There are many good policemen and police women. They see horror that is very real.)

The verse in Matthew correlates with one in Ecclesiastes:

” better yet is the stillborn child who does not see the evil under the sun.”

The Word is unbreakable

The bible is shakable.

In the end, Judas went home.


French Kid On A Carnival Ride



Everyone is the SAME!!

except for DNA, economic status, religion or no, disabilities, patty-cake preferrence, eternal destiny, abilities, food likes, color of skin, who they like in politics, fear of the moon, Mark of the Beast, type of personality, friendship success, ethics on everything, desire to be the opposite sex for a day and a half, desire to eat Subways and have a child bride fixation until being caught, being president and getting a presidential BJ and signing your name with airborne ink, and then there is Nixon.

Hitler, Ghandi, Mussolini, Ted Koppel and Cher- as bad as they all were… Nixon was worse. Why? Oh like it’s not obvious!! Here’s some clues why:


And this concludes this stupid Smurftastic arctic breeze of bull shy ee aye ee aye yaiy yaiyee…


Sweet chai ee aiee aiee aiee Yai Yai YAI of Mai ee INE.



If You Ever Feel Small…

Remember that your body is light-years DEEP in a nasty dark universe, and YOU and your WHOLE BODY are penetrating it!! !!!

like continuously

you BADASS!!

impregnating your ideas, you FECUNDS!!

sigh. Is death the real orgasm??

dont find out ha ha

//// Rolling in the deep since 1974

Seven And Coke

Hi Norma. 💓Get in muh!! 💗

Plastic Norma bottle ^

When I was 7 they had these 16 oz glass Coke bottles. I just loved to see how far I could stick my tongue in IT. I felt a feeling of agility and accomplishment during this and I now realize that naughty ghosts made me do it.

Objectphilia? Oral fixation? Worse. I learned how to be a porn star before 3rd grade. You KNOW I won’t say why but there is a special BONUS round to “doin’ the deed”. And I forget what the bottle teaches.


Go! Go! Go!

that’s it.

Remember  Rodney Dangerfield ?

I’m like him now, only I get respect and I’m almost as good looking.

I don’t LIKE sex anyMORE. Not that I ever really. But I was drinking my coke, here and now having a chug does me like a kitten with its first mouthful of RAT. And if I want, I can praline the bottle again! Haha! Oh to be 7 again and love Lacey things! Good old 1981 when there was only ONE Star Wars piece of CRAP MOVIE.

You hate Star Wars!

You HATE JarJar so it’s ALL or nothing

George Lucas in the shower looks like JarJar.

I said “in the shower”, not “naked in the shower”

Twin Suns!

shrinky dink Yoda!

you are bad

you are good

have a Coke

I dare you to donklize it like a 7 year old would


(Mr. Harrison is PMSing today. Thank you for your patience. And remember- oralize your Coke and smile!!)



That's the author

That’s the author ^

The Phoenix makes an immolation every 1000 years…

Yep. That’s in lore. In scripture, there is something that is the SAME as 1000 years. Any guesses? No? Okay. Well in Heaven 1000 years “is as a day”.

If in Heaven there are phoenixes burning up every DAY, wouldn’t that be neat?? As for rebirth, I have but ONE application. Daily beginning. And I understand a lot of deaths. Going to bed and sleeping is a death. Orgasm is a death. Eating a meal is the death of hunger.

I missspellled “iconoclast” in the title. I think it’s cool to do that. I killed the killer word by desecrating its image. Even now I feel my old enemy the fire spirit of Heaven leading me. I reconciled myself. My feelings were heavy. I drop them. I lift my body against addictivity.

I’ve trained my body. I dislike retraining it. It’s a matter of life and death that I avoid certain drugs. Back in the day, DXM was a tool I used (MDMA) to adjust so many feelings. I do NOT fully regret it. It did almost kill me but I believe on God’s green Earth that fake codeine existed in DXM and someone discovered it. I had a lot, but measured it. I had at least one TIA attack. I was at the sensory deprivation lab checking IN and my consciousness did a roll around.

I feel that because schools lie about drugs THAT I USED in an ANGRY fashion at breakneck pace. 1200mg of DXM costs $4-5 at a dollar store. That is INSANE. DXM is akin chemically to mescaline. Legal. I did not seek the truth. I said, “I’ll be okay.”

It ought to make people wonder if you can erase memories! I did. Oops. I am glad, though. I’m married, grown up, 41 years old… in the last 5 years we had two family deaths, I put myself in a hospital after Sir Robin Williams showed an easy exit method for Me. It made me stronger.

imtiredof writing now… i do breathing exercises like Thich Naht Hahn, he’s Yoda I renounce the shit

the end