In the country of Ecuador 2130 A.D., a singular enormous device was planted and a fortress built over so that none could access it. It was a device confirmed as meganuclear, enough to shatter the Earth’s mantle 7 times over.
Its purpose: to motivate.

The world’s leaders had had enough of uprisings, so in pointing a proverbial gun to its own head, the leaders said, “Work, or we all die.” And the idea worked. It worked better than Pharoah whipping. The constant threat of death was there. It was reinforced by video of the nuclear core that all would see in school. It worked especially because it ran off a computer program.

     If certain labors were not verified as completed, such as farming, industries and sales, the nuclear device would click lower down its very very short track to be dropped toward the earth’s core. And in the past two years out of 30, they had failed. So solutions had to be made.