Kopfkrankerschrakenzie Aus

What is my jungle of feelings looking like?

Analogy mastery- be my Yoda!

  1. A rock, paper, scissors game was not born in Sillyland. THERE it is brick, stick and chick giving her legs a KICK
  2. Three pregnant women at the bowling alley look like ball-thieves.
  3. We are all in-the-now? Okay then we are all homeless at work. Prove how you are not! Sucks, huh?
  4. If you are serving a 40-year sentence in prison, you may meet me. I have questions designed to help you deal. I probably won’t help much. Maybe even annoy. But I have so many analogies in me, I’d like to help excavate your heart. Sounds like love. I call it hope and charity. I would say there is a very complex reason you are there. I get that you are stuck with YOU with a real name and sentence. Take your place? No thank you. Better than you? I am on the big side of prison- never been in, not willing to go in. But unique- I AM AN EX-VICTIM of crime. I have heard hell’s bells before being admitted to psych. I am nothing, but if I am like ANYONE I am like a prisoner inside-out “afraid to be left out”. I probably have no business with asking PDX Penitentary if I can HELP. How desperate to be HEARD AM I that I’d visit a prisoner while sick and vulnerable. Fearless, a little ignorant and confident that I have strength in something worth risking my own discomfort. I will not be doing this. I don’t think guards would like it.

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