Feeling Perpetually Good

If your friends desire to only feel good, leave. Who will stoop and risk empathy to you ever? We get sad at times.

If your friends will only be zealous and angry, flee!! You will never be able to relax, stop and smile, carefree.

If your friends are only sad, sensitive and “feeling”, they will bring you down. When they do get angry enough to live.




One person is in mood flux. Its not healthy to be “mood stuck”. Not even being always happy. Caring and joy use all of our emotions- annoying laughter, squishy sadness and painful prideful conquest.

    I think we are going somewhere! Dream universes and unlock the impossibles! You may enjoy the realm of you imagination creating tangible things.


(Such a fraile thing, the flower in a lab. How do you grow dreams within you- what form are they in? Are you making life possible? Are you a walking asparagus?- yes! Automaton Sapien! Sounds like a metal band!! )

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