Speed Reader



1 p.m.

The big sign that you have gone nowhere! So sorry, losers! Thanks for playing.

1 p.m.
has nothing nice to say to you. What were you thinking? “Big reward time”? Its lunchtime.

You get to eat. And then use and digest that food feeling hurt and sad thoughts. Oh maybe you are through already?

Well, good job, then. Sorry. Yes, you are quite completely done with all your junk by noon. Way to troop.

But you have not pooped lunch. Who is in command? YOU are, silly. Dump those troops over Tim Buck Toity into the Maelstrom to fight Beowulf’s sister Grendela Munchhousertonfelder.

(You know those German words take a beating but don’t break apart because they are FORMED before 1 pm. In the bm.)

I hope you have a good p.m. and your b.m. is your own biz. I won’t ask, okay?

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To The Elderly…

    You who are… for example, “65 and older…” on up to 150 or HOWEVER old you want to be- you WERE in fact once a youth…

    You do not deserve to be treated like you are a kid by know-it-all middle ager family. I used to do in-home care. You are NOT a fool. Not ever. Even if you forget everything.

If you are 65+ and like that, please hit “like”. I need it today. I am very ill.


What Bothers Me Most About This Picture Is…

   Is that horses.. do not LOOK at the painter. They don’t give a CRAP about portraits. I mean, they will crap, but probably not in mid-air as the colon probably cinches up with a jump.


      Do YOU cinch up with a jump? Don’t tell me. Don’t tell your priest. No, wait.. DO! They need a laugh.

    Don’t mess with people at funeral homes, pleeease?? Do you know, they have to pretend there are not bodies in the joint. Or maybe that’s me.

      I went to a mauseleum. True story- I know my credit here is NO GOOD, but its true. I visited gramma’s grave and I said, “See YOU SOON!”- meaning like FIFTY YEARS. Soon enough. I got shit to do.

       So I told a funeral director THERE a joke about… Uh… dead animals. He laughed and was reluctant to enjoy the joke. I saw Harold and Maude and I finally got it. I guess.

      Do you want to know the joke? Too bad!!



      What do you need?


      Bark dust.


      What do you call a cremated dog?

      Oh, shit. I failed.


     Guns don’t kill people
I don’t kill people
     Bullets don’t kill people
Actually they do…..

    No the bullets go through people
    The pathway of harm kills people

     No its the lost of blood
     Actually what if its only
       internal bleeding?

Internal bleeding is not a laughing matter.

      Why is it called bleeding when the blood is IN ya?

      I have blood inside my veins, damm.

      And I don’t bitch that I internally bleed.

      What if an erythrocyte escapes and I have a bloody nose??

      If I tell a doctor I am bleeding internally, which is TRUE, he would call an ambulance!

       That is like $500,000

       That would be stupid.

       So doctors kill people.
They pronounce us dead.

       Maybe if doctors don’t enunciate, more cadavers would have a frickin chance!

       Anybody can look at a clock and kill someone like Darth Vader with a voice of death

       But no! I refuse to believe my doctor would do that.

       So aliens dress up like doctors and that explains the stories about butt searches and bright lights

       I friggin hate to have my butt looked at

      Why don’t they make a little robot probe controlled by a monkey who is trained?

      Doctor in my butt is gay

      But they once gave my propenol

      And looked at my ass in July

      My colon is quite lovely in July

      Just kidding. That is really twisted. They did a colonoscopy

       I am 40. You cannot go to first grade without shots and a colonoscopy.

       Wait. They lied.

       I did not need to redo first grade.

       Life isn’t fair.

       I feel stupid. My mom made me birthday cupcakes and all that.

        No, not recently. 35 years ago.

         You are all over the place… if you get hit by a truck.

          You were hit??

          I am calling 911. You will probably bleed to death. Externally. If you were hit and do not bleed, that is YOUR business.

          Only ninjas keep their blood in.

          If you are a ninja you would kill me.

          If you knew who I was.

      But I will not tell you I am a ninja slayer.

           Oh. Au! Damm. I’m not.
No, you got me. Statego! Yahtzee! No Whammies! Demons out!

          I have to go.

You Two For Free


And you givvvve

And you givvvve

And you GIVE
        YOUR ALBUM


“Ayy.. we uz add thih pub
An the Edge he say, ‘Adam
maybe if’n ya poz nekkid anodder tyme’ an
Adam (hesoftspokenasitis you know) he lydes up a cigarret and says


And Im like laffin me-ass off de whole time and we said ‘aw stuff it’ just lets put the album out fa freeee

And the IRA actually sen us a get well card nah im just fula shait…

Perizeit Schlarg

I just now had the most pressing dissociative floating feeling driving down the Highway at 240am. I felt like I was going to pass out. I didn’t have my glasses on. Not with me. I can’t see well at night anyways.


I just wanted to get home. This is not fiction. Autobiographical snippet. My thought and writing feel different. I feel snapped up inside. Like a pop happened.


      As I drove in the dark haze of morning, I kept it slow. I kept only seeing 30 feet of road then… meaninglessness. It was as if the road was teaching me the difference between “real” and “actual” road. It really DID look like the road ONE HUNDRED feet ahead was not real. That it was a perpetual CLIFF I approached.

     I wondered if time is peripheral. Not as described in SCIENCE… but in ART. ART is the science whose rules are not ruled. Its the top and bottom of a matter as it rejoins itself, as a bracelet… uh… is that true? I don’t know. But art is… science is… I… I don’t know. The two are blurry to me.

     I have an art project that is a science project that involves life and death. It is my special fish tank:


     My first betta died this week. I have a new one now. Their contentment is measurable. I feel happy if they are. Sometimes its all for my enjoyment. But always for their care and health.

     Its an art piece in the kitchen, too. Its also my colony of alien friends… from THIS planet! No need to explore space… I have right here what scientists spend billions searching for MORE of on Jupiter… “Life”!

    What are the chances of finding more out THERE verses finding more HERE… in what we HAVE? I’d safely say we have more to learn…
1:1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000…
that IS… from life HERE
than life on JUPITER…
is no life there.

And if there was it establishes NOT that WE are unalone. It establishes that it… a lone amoeba… on Europa… has a family on Earth.

It doesn’t care.

So if there are humanoid aliens,
Chances are almost zero we would meet unless we have common DNA
And a common parent.

Say a Master alien distributed life on Earth and in 7, 500 other worlds. So what? So what? What does it matter if we do not love our own world.

Science divorces God from us and the world.

Art is inherent in what is living that God shows man this reality.

Reality is beautiful and to be cherished more than the pleasure it promises!!!!


I am an artist, not a scientist.
A political philosopher.
And I like frogs.