“Mayahana” means “Great Vehicle”. And what greater vehicle than the body of Jesus in the day of Rome, enduring crucifixtion unimaginable… Returns to a moment looks at “Mom” and says: “John will be your son”? John or someone. Now THERE is a GREAT VEHICLE.. SAYING something kind to Mom while dyin’… I think I’d be so vexed and annoyed. I hear me- on a neighboring tree? Saying “Get us down from here??”… Or “Remember me”.. Both neither. Neither- I’m me. To be suicidal is to say “Get me out of this nightmare!!” But will the “its” let you? Stay awhile with the prescence of life in a string of whiles 200 years long… That is patience with God- it does not go without rewards to HOLD ON… And in letting go to lay and let go of the muscles and feel the Now-sliding… No future-focus. A real pause


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