Orlando shooting- I wish I could contact to help pay for funeral stuff. I have $20. Sorry I am poor. story by news- they asked about details. The coverage of hate stories makes hate news making hate in Tv viewers. Too much SHOW of private sexuality. Abuses the air waves. “Straight” Tv sex grosses me out for its unlimited use of objectifilics and referrence to phallics. Its like SHUT UP AND GIVE ME THE 80S BACK!!! USA cannot be “flaming” or someone gets burned. I would say STAY AWAY FROM ALL HAPPY CLUBS- the noise itself drives hidden haters OUT. Its just a fact, spree people in history have a MANIFESTO. Columbine guy 1 and 2 wrote theirs. What are the manifestos of “exceptionally evil” residents? MAYBE most are here on Visa or false ID, came in by Eat Coast Atlantic or Pacific shore or flew in or even jumped in. They would meet either family, shady mosque… Wait… If you REALLY CARE America- attend every mosque if you want to be like Lincoln and make friends. Still- violent plans emerge from men- males. Clustercatch it to be AWARE with ones own eyes. My mind may be mostly gone but I can recall. If I can’t at 42… We need American men to WATCH. Guns? Avoid it. Pack what you want. The MIND of ninpo is swifter by not moving and letting your enemy be FELLED with steely lovingkindness. Sure


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