_ _ | _ _ _ _ | _ s | S _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …… “Pat, I’d like to SOLVE IT and kiss VANNA’S hand… is it “MY BLOG IS SHUT DOWN”??? *YES*!!! 30 THOUSAND 9 HUNDRED & FIFTY DOLLARS AND A Viper and Vanna is coming over. No kiss! Aw. Wait! She puts her neck near my nose and whispers, “Guess my perfume and you can sleep with me MAYTEYS on the pirate ship of Dread Pirate Roberts. She IS Butterbell… Tinkerbell Buttercup. Also coincidently the name of her perfume. Yeah right. I bet she smells really good! Irish Spring with raspberry camomile and dirty martini breathe like if she’ll let me, poor boy buy her RICH MAMA a glass for friendship jollies. I like Vanna. I like her more spinning inside than turning letters. I imagine she is pretty cool in her heart. Cool. Not cold hearted. Oh shit. Am I sinning more? Die, “me”! Die die. *stomp stomp*


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