The ghost and the lady say:


Red Cross man- “Venga!”

See the Edenic Tree

See the waters flowing for free

Purer than Aquafini

Great saffron-colored city

Strange creatures that speak incessantly

Adam unmade

Eve as a bride

Did she marry?

Rabbits attending. Holding her naked dress? They started- our parental units- at Honeymoon

Eve hit the black button…

What was that fruit???

Who cares

I wanna meet God

And see the unmade maker

I guess I’m dying too

I dream of fathers

Last night I did

I write police e-mails to say hi

Dad worked with the police

I want to die to this world

Can I have something from heaven now? Yes!- Life

Life is from heaven

Not self-made accident unless that is God’s style

Who cares

Sleep me

Day me

Unworry me

Unfetter me

Kill the “me” unto an “I”

Join my I to I

Gold me

Gold the sky and let dross flee to its black cold eternity

I want Home

But the longer I live HERE, the more of a good badass I am

I am that I am is my father

Jesu is my man

God disciplines hardcore

I have a dispensible “me”

I will live on in his arms forever

Like a bad ass little living GI Joe doll maybe… Riding my childhood cat like He Man- waiting zero seconds to see my close ones, even worst enemies forgiven

God will eradicate those pains

So soon?

Soon enough

Light of the World

Shine on me

Love is the answer





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