Protest: Swimming In Rivers

1477970505002807287186Try a pool

It is common in Summer, or Fall for crazy people, to see a river as a gem of heat-relief. For 99% it may be. Imagine YOU are in the water, fully dressed, shoes tied tight… and “Oh God no”- you feel IT


Point of no return. You are toast and believe it 1000%. You “know” you are going DOWN

If this is YOU later:

Firefly Firefly

Vision in a scroll

Hell comes now and then forever

But don’t you believe it, Hero

We’ll see you in Paradise?

Last few seconds of life about to be terminated above the waterline, YOU MAY VISUALLY HALLUCINATE your nephew or someone like I did. I cannot have PTSD over it- it was immemorable fire heat. I recall fire (my id called it HELL)- of COURSE! The Reality wants living. Even if you do not. Worst WORST way to suicide- in fact if one blows their brains out, maybe the bod has a time-slowing program so you feel every break burst and tear. No rest for you, muther funk knot! God is Life a metal gauntlet?

Only for foos

I cannot stress enough how bad drowning anxiety is. Save it for the worst terrorist-horrorist planning to kill 1 billion people.

Do not drown. Flying to Europe? Bring a life preserver

Sharks are BETTER


Bleeding out 30% – I HAVE done that TOO… is much easier

Just die natural and


My good friend Andreas went under

He went under

He has not come back

His corpse taught me that I am a living being with corpse to me. Sick news. But there is Jesus if you are not tired of that non-Christian man! A human. They say he beat death

Want to find out?

He tells me breathe

You- I dunno what he tells you

He said OUR father

A spirit of a shared-God/Reality


And they drowned him on a thing they made 19 centuries ago?

Crucifixtion or drown? I dont know… Flip a coin. 120 seconds on a bunson burner or strapped like a butterfly

River safety



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