Love Poem With Zest

Hey Baby

(Thinking- not SAYING)

I like your lady-butt

Thanks for dinner and stuff


Yes you glued to your iPhone



I was wanting to be natural/ meet a quota of affection

You are eating cereal in bed with blaring reality show


I say good night to sleep in my study


What- next to your me-fest?


Lights on


(Like tomorrow when you are not horny again)


Im not horny!


WELL fcuk the drama

I owe nothing

– intermission –

You know, I’m lucky to have a wife. What is a “wife”? A devoted person, her economic skills are noble- I have the ultimate one of those “wife” persons

What do I lack?

My back is killing me. She cannot fix it. I am ill. She cannot fix that. SCFT

I’m sad. SCFT

I am falling apart. SCFT

I’m depressed

I have life still

I like real life not ads

I think Tv is one big ad for non-doers

I ask the air to change

I want my friend back

I want not to be touched but to not be rejected AS I touch

iPhone killer

Sunso’ biatch Samswang

Probably causes cancer



I loved my wife

I have

Now she gave me a hug I still feel

What is the price of that?

I will not show her this

I have no idea who my audience is



I observe the world

I wonder about death

Is that healthy??

For me, yes

I find more life

I find no death

If I was hit by a Mack truck going 40, knocked out, guts squished by the tires- 10 pints of blood bursts… Not waking up… How is that death to ME? I am in my body. I am not the meat

I like to think that all my 43 years of worry- 42, oops, would be sucked IN to an atomic black hole we all have in our belly…


And the Lord God meets me and says “Ew! Get away! You smell! Go to hell, Sinner.” Nnnno

He meets me and says:

The World is spinning slowly around to die, but now you and I will simply fly away

My daily bread is my eternity

I would ask to go

But my distracted wife is worth waiting for

All the time I spent with her in ER

I can hear her sob Nno! in my brain’s simulation of “What if I died?”

I cannot accept death for HER

An accident yes

Suicide no way

The sadness sweetens

The Earth becomes immense

I see God’s interests

7 billion people

Trillions of animals

He could take me tonight!

In my sleep


Yeah sure right before stupid Xmas… Am I an as-whole? No way. Make it New Year’s

I am not too interested in this world

Very interested in LIVES


Feelings, realities

Not looks so much at all

I could say more

I love my wife

We married forever with 2 temples. Her body and mine. No kids. So not Mormon. Oh well




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