Words, Thoughts, Takiri Way

main-qimg-d64ad17538b7b7686c9048cecf4aa15b-c Within double cerebrum… or is it “cerebrii”?- is my experience as it seems to be

In water, I am a nuclear sub with head & oars

On land- a 50 foot giant- like everyone is.. 10 to 87.4 feet

In red smurf measurements…

Why not let arms fall at rest?- as soon as I write this

Why not feet kick out

No tightening the belly!- that encourages thought with “gut feeling”

Feel anew, selfie…

You are behind the eyes

Disconnect head from neck

Lay in one piece

“Speak to me, Takiri- I pray to God in action, praise and word”

Takiri is in my oxygen

Snow Owl man

Sower and Reaper

What wrong I have wrought this day

What dissonance I admit

I am ill for a lack

Hard to look up

I do anyway

I see Life- street black wet Autumn yellow red coated discard leaves


I fe discarded

But I am different

The human can do all things with a Jesurex inside

The Rex is one with all- even my takiri and imagined nation of ideas at WAR

Hurting ME? No I am seated

I hurt in my body





I got angry and at 10:45pm WEAK and not tired

O Takiri, stone me good

For rest

Look at my day

Go ahead

I feel like a LOSER

And I will do good works for our sake- the sake of eternal hope

I may cry

May I never say “die” again

The fire

The future

The now

Me, you, we, any… even all bodies to find the everlast and never see a body bag

We see


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