Breathe “ange”

Breathe “champagne”

Breathe “bravo”

Breathe “reconstruction”

||| Ω

Breathe “reemerge”

Breathe “surrect”

Breathe “assisted”

Breathe “unalone”



You have been programmed now, you meaty meatball-maker!

To adjust the “inner radio” in your brain, try spacing out, humming or talking to your nipples

“Hey! Hey Righty! Are you volume or channel…”

I Breathe “Dead-space”

I breathe “Basement”

I Breathe “Turkey Day”

I gasp! Jason took off his hockey mask to eat! His face is well-done

Oh Uncle Freddie is here. He brought shish- uh… Shish!- SHISHKABOBS


Stay Puff Marshmallow man melted…


This is crazy talk



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