Could It Be?- “Crucifixtion”

I’ve known some things about crucifixtion- an ancient, real, punitive torture where hands and feet are nailed to a “Stauros”- the wooden death device.

Now, I was taught that Christ died of “a broken heart”- emotionally wiped out. How could THAT be?  It’s written that he “saw all was fulfilled” and his body went lifeless after he shouted LOUD enough to inspire strong centurion #42 below.

Is that suicide? Or departure with his hands tied behind his back.. The crufifix AKA “rood” in the Olde English- it was equipped with a seat. I hear sometimes a spike was set there. If there was a way to solve the puzzle- and rest and not move- that would defy the stories of a christ who is sad like “You sinned and here I am, woe is me and feel guilty”

There is no way to know

I find it interesting that his life becomes  exponentially GREATER after Lazarus rises from the dead. The religious fanatics wanted to re-kill Lazarus, kill Jesus, they kill Jesus, before he dies he speaks of Paradise “today”- no mention of virgins, mansions or gold- the man DIES publicly, put in a mauseleum, guarded and he comes back.

He stays for another 40 days, walks around like a ninja’s master, does some ACTING- pretending he’s going away, trips people out. Was that FUN? End of that time “ascends” into “clouds”. Scripture says he became one with everything. Would that include stars and planets 1000 lightyears away?- became one with them very quickly. Perhaps death meets an all Spacetime location- a hub that is something else besides space, time, matter but where there is spirit.

My back hurts too much. Im done. Sorry


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