A Hate-theory


Do you want to BE one?

If YOU are, here is a definition of “hate” or “h8” as a reality and a continuing manifestation:

Hate (n.): A desire to sever a thing, place or person from oneself completely.

IE: “I have hate.”

Hate (v.): To oppose, to an extreme, controversially. For example- “Melinda hated Catherine, so she Facebooked her friends and called Catherine a “h8er” and Catherine said, “Huh? I like Melinda. Well forget her! I’m taking back her Xmas gift. What a biatch.”

Yeah, uh huh. Okay

I just hear a lot of “stop the hate” and I hate it. Its 99% in media I hear “haters are bad”. I hate it so I severed it. I don’t watch post-election energy and riots because the news makes it “hate”. It BEYOND hate. More like abhorrence. Numness to OTHERS and property which AFFECTS others emotionally.

The MANIFESTATION of hate is ANGER. STAR WARS 101- fear, suffering, anger, dark side. STAR WARS talk about haters? Is Darth Maul shouting? No. He’s criminal, a magic assassin. At peace with his role- to hate, YES, but extinguish Jedi. Kill, smash, giggle, kick, fight, scrap- but at LEAST HE DOESN’T bitch.

Bitching in ANGER audibly, visibly is not really common in some cultures. American freedom means you can say and do a lot. You can pee your pants while driving and not be arrested- do it and you are an idiot. You may NOT say just anything legally. You may not start panick by yelling “fire” for fun. Sick crazy people may do that and get mental help, no ticket and people affected will say, “nut!”, or “is he okay?, or “I HATE it when people shout FIRE- I had to take a nitro pill”. All those reactions are valid.

Say Mr. Nitro hates TO A DEGREE that he sees the “nut” later and punches his face. I see his reasoning and it is hate-based, yet he has control of the manifest. It would be perhaps better to swing and MISS and say “Missed! Darn.” but do it serious like when Gene Hackman psuedo smiles and his face sinks to a militant condemnation face that says, “I’ll see you in hell.”


Gestures are gesticulation. Smashing a car window is an extention of a gesticulation which is “body language gesture”- these CAN BE DISCIPLINED.


Hate is personal, not visible. It can be proven but not prosecuted. Maybe one example of a group that infrequently manifests anger from hate is the KKK. I kind of think they are WATCHED as the Davidians, Jim Jones circus, etc. They do not say “We hate blacks and Jews, etc” much. Maybe some. Their history is enigmatic and stylistic- and deadly with open killing and torture. Anger and madness, laughing- anger makes hate real. If a kid shaves his head as a Skinhead and wears swastikas- that is edgy. If he is kind, he must be an actor or wannabe, which in “Jr. Racism” exists in all races.

I like to hate PLACES. It extinguishes my anger into causes. I HATE the condition of our local river! God! Dumping #2 juice in it. I HATE the Willamette River and thing everybody ought to! I want to swim and boat with clean natural water. You SHOULD hate a shitty river- my boss, a punk, got E Coli in it. A week off work. He was a real hard ass but I heard he was sick (never hated him) and prayed for him. I like my bosses. Management is not lazy- owners take chances and stress. Willamette needs to get better! See- my hate and love are not the same but work together.

Anger of man pleases no Cristological god. But it exists. Realists go for real and actual existant things and places and people. I live where KKK is around- Pacific NW, but I cannot see them. I see Somalians quite easy. Both dark and muslim and I like them mostly. One told of my wife in front of me. I imitated Islam and took offense quietly that he’d discipline my “heifer”- and told him christlike that her “error” was MY fault. There was no ERROR- the young man spun. In his head. “A husband stands for a woman?”. Damn right. Jesus defended a “sinner” woman caught doing adult stuff. The man too. He DREW in the sand after asking who is sin-free. Mystifier!

Its not “hate” that is bad. It is how much hate. If anger is present in action unto its wage: chaos and destruction.

The riot NOISE bothered me more than property damage. I could not decipher the hate speech but all the Darth Mauls! Sheesh. Someone apparently has to entertain by being Dumbass #1 which is DOWN near “loser” and “fool”. I’d rather hate rioting than people in a not-so-quiet riot. I hate their faces and mouth- the spasm of muscle tissue used to berate, feeling “awesome” even feeling “just”. Citations would fund the CITY! Let them do it. No choice anyway. Fund the school chess team… Really!

Nikolas Tesla the lightning rock and roll power king said:

If you harnessed all your HATE, the world could be lit up

So power comes before the anger or joy feelings.

Love is not the opposite of HATE- death is

Hate is the opposition.

We all hate.

The solution may be to be willing to die if attacked by an angry, hateful man. Not for nothing. With a hope and faith that one will be rewarded by love.

Love created the universe

A being that is not “of light” but who is life and unfathomable- manifest in the energy of created atoms. Energy is light. Matter is slow-light.

In the lense of the great movie of existance, a projection of light, formations… Cristology says Christ became one with all. From the beginning or on the cross? How about both?

You ever want God to speak and show mercy to explain himself/the god? He is easy. Man is hard. Mankind’s anger is like saying “This is how God is” and so our religions deceive us.

But God is by many names and is orderly unlike the worlds he made. That anger is better than ours. His hate is right. We all blow it. Mercy is in the Attorney Jesus Christ. Kind of like… Perry Mason. You have a good shot for sure with this Jewish lawyer. He bailed you out. Remember?

And not to spead anger


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