Jupiter and Saturn- Far Away

testes.jpgFar away from her

I said it like 50 million times

WTH _ ? _

She doesn’t listen

I feel like a bastard even posting this

My pain tolerance is high

Super high

I had an M.I. at 14

Now its like DUH I MUST BE A LOSER

Who do I talk to?

You know who?

Yeah I commune with the creator

I tell him I feel ripped off

Sound waves to my heart say I matter

Its funny and its also not funny

I do not want to be a joke

The term “leading lady” does not mean “by the b***s”

B***s… What a STUPID term for living ammo clips, spheroid and alien in design

Where is the wonder?

Biologists give a rip

So do I meet a 20-something I meet at bingo?

Sure, that must be it- validate self, push another down to do it. Fuck no

I say this is my bod

I cannot validate that except in offering


– Scripture book somewhere

Here I am

I feel cruddy

I am not crud

You females talk to each other- men do not. Not much anyway

Me n my kumquats. Lol

God, why external?

Oy vey

Jupiter and Saturn

I am a galaxy

I have the universe

One human relationship offsetting my total balance of me ought to be or become positive

Not lead to the next ex

Power in the dark

Potential E energy

Frickin disperse or maybe be accursed

I breathe…

That is more important


Pain probes reality…


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