To Catch A Punk

I got a counselor after my mother in law died from cancer

The counselor seemed extra nice, 67, old pastor

2nd seesion he started talking about sex and bathhouses

I froze

He was operating a Zamboni in my mauseleum

I jumped up, knocked him to the floor, ran goddam fast

He slammed up against my car, I started it

He was debating killing me- what else? I had to break the door down to get out

But Portland Police said it looked like consentual gay sex

WHAT? fuck them

So, I try yo help police SEE straight

And the last counselor I had over this- because talking allieviates stress so you do not give up or get sick, he was a humanist

You see, a pastor was trying to get me. Humanist 93- old enough as a YODA to be the evil person’s father, said “Addict”- the pastor is a sex addict, old, its ugly

My wife lost interest after that… asked if I was gay, cheated. accused me of cheating…basicly suicide her half of the marriage. Now we live together. I am in love with her in a tough love way where my enjoyment is not what I deserve.

I took note- I want to die: I want to sleep, eat, relax…

Said to much, the person destroys their body

I like my temple

I think girls and women like to look at me

That can kep me alive

poser LOL


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