Time For Boring A Mean Screw

Just read this if you want to be PUNISHED

Once upon a time, the prince was just a little girl

She grew up and finally disguised herself as a boy

The disguise is NEVER standardized

Its camoflauge, and I as a man appreciate the style

Police uniform does not change for female. No, not really.

I like having “girls join the boy team”, smoke cigars

And listen like a sister

I am so depressed that I think a sister could save my life

So I treat the bartender as a sister who is hot and 44

But we are afraid of THAT

So I hugged her just once

And I do not tell her

I was thinking of suicide

And I just made an argument for hugging

Also- do NOT hug unattractive people. If you let someone hug you, be an offering to peace everywhere, or to your god

Its healthy

Bears hug


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