I thought I’d confess something almost as bad as a sin… (maybe it is!! Black Dark Fork!!Bloodlust!!*cough*

I ran over a little baby possum

I could have slowed down

I thought he would stop

It was assisted suicide

Without paper work

  • Is all this random????? YES

I ran over him 8 more times to ensure “crushage”

That’s a shitty hospice, but possum are lower than a rat to me

When they die they smell like the worse garbage from WITHIN


Possums go to heaven?

Hell, why not…

I want to see the baby possum and confirm that he did not see me dissect his body too… Got the idea from Governor John Kitzhaber…

Man… that was confirmation of the engine that ran that suicidal little son of a bitch possum under me tires


If I gain ENERGY from the steam, it’s my right to make a rite of it

Animals horrorize

That time, I was the horrorist, going to my car and getting a dull knife… cutting it where Dexter glove in 1994… hid the body… kept “a paw” to freak out the dudes at Round Table… they LOVED it… the girl who wanted to date me thought I was a terrible possum killer@ LOL


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