Line me, O Saint Peter, who died on the Satanist’s upside down cross.. dispatch angel wind to take me

This is Xepher, action, not prayer

And fake

I do not do this, but it looks cool

O apolloyon- will you corn husk me or shuck or sever me? Do I keep my penis is HEAVen or was I irresponsible with it and become a GIRL in heaven

Oh no

I do not want to be a girl in heaven and marry a terrorist martyr

OHHHH noooo


What if they make us THEIR bitches in the UBER heeven of GAHD

oh nooooo



I wanna be neutered BATMAN in heaven… superheroes have no nuts, but you see the pouch ball…in their speedos…. even a heavenly tennis ball….. to show I was manly forever…. in my frickin avatar glow…

…boo!!!! hahaha


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