Coconut Girl 89 : How to get into REALman IRL trouble, no computer .:Fel 01 leading-act

That is not a website girl > coconut girl 89 (I bet that IS taken, this is IE an example)

I am a stalker who watches but does not act. Interested in fashion more than hot stuff and hittin on the next ex-Harrison… I flirt like Dr Malcolm. I made him a hero- he made the greatest scene where he got sensual with his hands and drops of water on the pretty scientist woman’s hands… kind of gay and mentally molestive to turn her into a 3 year old girl playing water tricks with her spooky uncle who played Mr. Frost the cereal killer and that rapist from the first “Death Wish” movie- a VERY BRAVE ROLE to play… to portray the person that gets SHOT. Jeff Goldblum could have been shot after that! That is fuckin brave!!!! But his charcter is the one you want to put a straight jacket on then waterboard to see who all he has raped to get those girl help, hidden in false shame

I am a reaper of the enemy of women

No gun

Well, I can shoot 45o feet and hit the neck of a target 95 percent. Better to just air-sever a neck… people live thru a .22 head ding

If you are snipping cherries in Molalla beautiful green fields- figure out a way to fire an automic rifle and even roboticly move it like a laser sword… effectively SNIPING with this type of equip for shooting would be…..ON NO SITE… wtf am I doing?

Just trying to inform enthusiasts it is possible to automate a snipe… cut like a sword…doesn’t COST more

More success assured thru testing

I tested a civilian .22 … with a Navy SEAL, for veteran’s Day yesterday


My lastest FUCKY FUN idea was for NASA competitor SPACEtron rockets of Yugoslovinan separetist Mormon horrorist temple in Madrid……..(breathe………)…….

Mrs. Schmitt, my childhood neighbor… nice smile and soft boobies for me to stare at in my autistic prepubescent dungeon…augh HAHAH LOL Boobies!!

My gen’s MILF was BETTER than today’s…..  they were muffier


Women in the coffee house, by the library… I am a cinnamon pleaser

Not old like a wheezer

And I smoke weed… have some… do not believe in it? YOURE FIRED

I am pre-taggin you

Coconut Girl 89 let me touch her coconuts in 1889 watching a slasher movie about a corn kusker… really evil ha ha… and I got to udder the babe, yeahhhh

So is that no-computer method a SKILL??

No computer assisted intel hunt

Pure YOU and then watch the hussies get close and quickly say: “Hey… wanna get a BEER?”

Because… because… because… a gal who drinks beer WILL do a lot better in bed and the theater

I felt fully grateful after the movie was over

Then she caught a taxi

The end

Big deal

I remember the thrill like a dvd in my head

I can re-feel her image

Is that wrong, or beautiful now that nobody LUVS ME…WAAAA

Oh Tamara Vlodivosostolinaya



Actually, I like stalking librarian… women! Not the men! They are in my way of the chance to only talk to GIRL librarians.

Wel, God, there is so much to TALK ABOUT in a library…

The PRESSURE they must feel in WANTING ME to visit them. Hah! I finally feel it…

Fem web

Electric triange EMP Aura net to keep me here as their TREASURE!

Oooo! You will never keep me as your SEX slave! That is naughty trafficking. SEXY!!

So I like the library and closet eroticized succubi that wear plaid skirts.

I know how to take off a skirt.

In the library elevator at 1am

I feel no shame




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