I Have Picked An Unstoppable Dream

tumblr_o8l7ukgvqc1um9iado1_500.jpg Token quote


My dream is than gravity of this Earth pulls people down until they feel like a pinned butterfly, stuck in agony, facing horror and pain with foolish injurious endeavours. My dream is that no one escapes death but that we all die so that those who cheat, betray, kill and molest may die as well.

In the meantimd, the uncowardly prepare to die well and the living end up crying and in despair. Beauty! I have been there. Now all is tantric secular Buddhism- I cut my leg on a tree and it felt like the tree was boning my leg. I named the tree “Stuffo” for leg humping me isometricly.


I cannot wait until I am paralyzed in death

I never want to pass this way again

I wish I was never born in vain

I guess I got my kicks and I am a lozer

I hate this mode of American religulousness and medicine

I did not win my lawsuit

I was put in psyche

Ill show you psyche

Voorhees for real

I was left unattended and almost died by a lake

I am not insane like Jason

I want to design ways to HALVE traffickers in the style of Jason

Its sick but effective for an icy person

I am warm but think Kelvin cold refined war art for one

So I either need to DIE or pass it on- what I am after… fewer trafficker sexos. You’d never know. My ideas are passed to an eu.86.a grey web address. Inbox only.

So if you see a scumbag with his vena cava found severed with a belly button hook- that is me. Chopstick in the ear, found alive? Me. Designed for “bedtime to God” and “brain surgery” accident.

“Me” is not I doing it to traffickers. Its someone using my spatula method to fry and flip and make evil men eat it.




Penis of Caucasian 48 year old Alaskan

Transportable waterboarding kit and 2 thirty year old female and male 1:1 baiting masked Polish contract agents with a dart gun. 72 hours of Phoenix torment. Intermittent pizza and kool aid. More Phoenix in N Alaskan cabin. Released when insane.

And then we have a 10 year old Cambodian girl in a sex shop who the Alaskan penis stays 7,000 miles from


National IMAGE


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