Laboratory Botonists Design A “Straight” Banana In Tampa

Why not in OREGON where the religious have FAKE sex with ANYTHING to avoid human love?

“Holiness.. Holiness is in my pants now

“Holiness- I have no penis, and Jesus just ignored his…”.

Ever ask God if Jesus did #1 or #2? He didn’t TELL you, did he??


All Earth people! I KNOW THE ANSWER!

I am so close to the light!!!

Ow!! Ug

Burnt again!

God… Did Jesus like girls.

“Sure why not”? Very funny.


“Call me Paco.”? Ok

Paco Almighty, how much more evil must happen in this world?

No answer.

Paco! Who invented crucifixtion? Was it you?


Dang it.

QUESTION.  Could an apostle heal his own wounds if he broke a leg and if so could you tell me so I can write another gay wizard book to add to the Good Book for vanity, fame, millions of dollars and he said shut up

Maybe I’ll write it anyway… St. Tusbin heals his own circumcised penis to disguise himself as a Roman on a naked mission to Corinth. Posing nude for Frescos, he preached out of the book of Amos and gained 3 converts…

The Three Musketeers!!!! Yeah


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