In-Space Friend

main-qimg-d64ad17538b7b7686c9048cecf4aa15b-cYou see it

There are two. There is a one. Happy. Joy. It is an in-space friend. They would cover your lunch if you were short. They can stand toe to toe and pretend to be mad at you for FUN and its funny because you do not really ever fight.

Getting BORING as hell now, I’d like to point out that biologically, the pheremones must be “okay” that you smell off the brute or babe you “friend-clutch”. Aw!

I look at so-called “gay culture” as this, only more snazzy and sometimes spooky, as “gay” is essentially “theatrics”, maybe “bait” for what? No one knows. No one knows what they will get. If you are a lemon triangle and a salmon triangle says, “Hey”- lemon and salmon are fine together. If you stuff the lemon in the fish’s mouth, can the fish taste it? Oo. Zen.

Schway way way..

So in America it is common to hear “gay”. I totally don’t care about gay. I care about my flaming and bitchy “gay” and “lesbian” neighbors because I know CPR and emergency response have have no time to be thinking about whose ass did what to whose face. Imagination is poison. I drink a little. “To my death”, I toast.. my Agnus Dei and who CARES what would Jesus say, when his title is “Firstborn”. What will be is known, what IS was forordained and in the reality all is accepted.

Good and evil- pain and sorrow.. if you want to know these, take your in-pace friend’s shoes off and smell ’em like Ferdinand the bull and eat them like Dahmer who so many “gay” men call handsome. Yeah. Ok. Beginning to see the off-chemistry of Jeff. Offramp to death. Looks are deceiving. He loved no body that he killed. He was not lovely. He was so far into hating gay men, he became gay to kill them. His in-space was “no good”. The violent males of Sodom were exemplary of being offenders, not being amoumrous and huggy. They wanted prison sex in the street. What kind of tacticle nukes did the angels bring? I never felt sorry for Gridnarg: “Bring those men out so we can auggggh!!!”. Theze days, you be gettin… 2 in the head, one in the chest for being a zombie.

David and Jonathan kissed

Later, David bagged Bathsheba after looking at her

Slaughtered armies


A kiss is… just a kiss, man

People change constantly

I get up out of bed gay for the day


Then I go straight


To bed

Or something


Im done ✔


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