Ho Def

screen-shot-2014-04-22-at-1-46-16-am“for payment”… compensating


that is sad when a straight-laced wife will do hummers IF she gets to go to SAKS Fifth Avenue… because then you see but do not know your wife is a ho, loving things and money in the bedroom even

Maybe she has to Facebook “real quick” before “letting you” nob off on her… lazy ASS? Or her leg? The wall? Leaving the room, your right hand says, “Ho of Babylon!!,” but YOU say:

I don’t need full attention

Its not MONEY so she is not a “ho”

Oh yeah??


I’ll tell you MAN!

Feelings got hurt

And not aiming to make sex magic and mystifying turns it into a mere nut crunching DRUG HIGH


I like jacuzzis and champagne. Even if my gf changes her mind. Then I smoke some weed and WRITE, actually.


She has endometriosis. Worst possible marital scenario for sex. Hey- she is no bitch ho, but slutty enough. All romance in the pants is tantric buddhist schwarma fest of sadness pain and joy

Im a friggin sex emperor for my brain-damaging faithfulness. Im so glad I did not fuck that up. I’m not smart enough to cheat. So it doesn’t count to me.


Sometimes I wish I could be unborn again and die well. I have lost everything since 2010. Health, money, MIL, FIL killed at home- medical devices and fled nurse to blame. I have visions of ghosts and angels. They are everywhere.


In the Life of Earth is a romance of deity and humility where sex is a constant reminder of core personal value. Even just being a gender is special. And hos make sex unsacred- rather the demand. Men demand sex now and for $20? 200? 2000? For a vacation to Dollyland? A new toaster?

When is sex a candle-lit event anymore? No one is religious enough to accept sex is many things and one of them is significant of sacrifice. Sex is as sacred as a human sacrifice. Especially scary, messed up sex of bf and gf… painful, unforgettable. And you get old later. So love is a fight, a romance. Sex is under romance. The fight is in the night.


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