If I Am Counted, It Does Not Mean I Am Here

Every once in a while, the sense of light and sound being so “thin”- I hardly feel pleasure.. a percentage comparison does not WORK. I almost drowned 150 feet from the stupid shore and I wonder if I am still in the water, fantasizing all of this- because I felt a hot burn of fear. Then I saw myself swim back in and live.

What if that is one idea, but I am really drowning in slow mo in my world? I see Facebook and Cell phones everywhere and people love it- are you JOKING? Life and death cannot be poked like the North Pole. The SHEER HORROR of facing making myself scarce seemed- ridiculous! My wife talks to me. No one else seems to need me at all- in fact criticize and gossip and I was put in a hospital for a day- I went along with it- because a 20-year old heard me talking to my wife and called 911 because she said I said I was going to jump. What? And die with a SLAP to PAVEMENT? Yuck.

Its like people think suicide and project. I think “STFU!!” because I wonder if I will ever really die and see death myself. Maybe 12 years from now have cancer, go to drowziness and sedate on morphine and land on the color red in Candy Land. Beats Hell and definitely beats Portland, OR… where are all the soul brothers n sisters gone? Did Professor Whitestone the WIZARD ward off all the fine obsidian and cocoa brown M&Ms? I’m a little blue. M&M. Chocolate inSIDE. Oh boy. Not Eminem.

No, my name is Yum Yum. If I was coffee, I’d be light roast robust turkish blend, so STRONG that even my girl cousins think I am not related and stare. That IS A white thing. I do not look back. That IS A Turkish thing. So I am wondering if there is an underground Whitestone that pushes away rich skin??? I myself was pushes just outside of city of PDX limits… or I just don’t want to be profiled as desert tribal when I am 88% Euro Cracker. I GUESS my quota is to have 6 guns on me and NO BEATING. DAMN. How I love a beating and drinking a 40 of Old E in the hot shower. I lust collard greens. Vitamin K in greens is Popeye power. I drink milk. That is SO WHITE! Milk.

But I prefer chocolate milk. I am never going back. Mmhm. I, uh-

Yum Yum



Lil Yum Yum been working out. Lost 56lbs. 2.5 weeks. Punching bag, walking, pool monosync swim…

Yum Yum

Is what the ghost of Muhammed Ali dubbed me as he laughed from Valhalla in dark space bliss… pointing to the bag he said:

Make friends with your enemy, Yum Yum

I said, LIKE THIS???!!, and I threw Abe Lincoln down as he begged to be my friend OH CRAP say no to crack


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