The Sirkumscythers Motorbike Appreciation Club

1478565382378-1820966480.jpgSalmon Pink Bandana

For the color of the enemy’s tender frenelum hood exposed…

The only way to not be an enemy is to get juicy in your shorts-drop and have your handle rag nip-nopped by the sacred mini-blow torch of Thor!! (!!–!!)

No snip snip

No crying

Whip it out, Homeboy…

Have I got a brand for you…

Married to Hel, Loki’s kin by proof of Lily skin


You might want yourself a bitch-seat goddess…

To dress your bloody Poindexter


Sad clownfish

Necktied! Still attatched!!

We are based in Milwaukie, Oregon…

Wearing pink as mixed-race

Actually our unholy name is:

The White Angels

We are a traffick stop

We do not ride bikes

We do NOT wear pink

We wear meat with geek clothes

Not above the law

We lost our minds

We JUST KNOW if you are a trafficker rapist torturing son of a bitch

You think Satan is bad?

We teleported from Joshua’s Jericho

Half angel, half gentile

Born in the 3rd century before the Damned King Day

You dogs!!!

Spirits timetravel… Waiting… To bring Apollyon’s kiss INTO a skull


Sayeth the hosts after the laughter of The Most

Seek! Seek!

No one can run from a living hell

If you have BUDDIES who have sex PRISONERS, try and unbuddy and call:

Hell’s Angels

Glasgow Blue Angels



Or if you don’t know their number call the FBI, not police.. Police do not need more heavy shit that is bananas and psycho more than you all bitching over your tickets


Have a nice day

If you do not care about victims missing- then you never counted. Joy for you. If you are a victim missing parent- we want criminals to fear, right? After the unspeakable little game they play, warping Life itself.

What is real

Under my sternum in the dark

That is real

It freaks me out


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