Its TODAY!!!

I made my own HOLIDAY!!

Proud and festive in my dark heart of blood gush slosh!!

Santa is dead

All “saints” ARE

Mankind proclaims deific heroism and pleasant immortal bliss in the obviously successful or murdered!

I do not TRUST Santa, “godmakers” and “sainthooders”… the departed are… a cloud of witnesses, themselves irretrievable and at home, no need for rock monument carved by Monk Dobie and his Gillis chisel…

Maagerstag means “Manger Day”, the prophet light of Baby Rex dressed the same at his birth as at his burial.. In

D e a t h

Jesus!- Our God of Chrystology is

T h e R e a d y R e a p e r

Awesome!! O lord, help the Congoese, the Pathans, The French…

Raise an international movement of actual manhunters to defy the ISIS THREAT to our WashingtonDC

Amen Amen Amen Amen


Ayyyyyyydd about 800 eagle eyed top notch men under teams of watchers, camera reviewers and let the people know they DO NOT go… until you say so, God

Since you know it all, you know things are okay, even if your light is called “life” and not “God”

Who are you? First Light? Dead pool peace with living joy?- stars counted in vain… universe is a huge ocean…

What am I?

Firefly!! Firefly until I die

The religion of horror appreciation connects Hallowz Eve n Xmas wear Jesu wears SWADDLING clothes

Superman arrived cute! Fiction BOO

Jesus, is “Jesu” with an “s”- the sin he wears. (Caked on in America. Sickle sweet family $Billions blitz bullshit stress o praise him!! O baby jesus…)


Give me Halloween. Jesu dressed like a baby Jason Voorhees. Crazy centurians. Insane Caesar! Go for it HISTORY!! Be ye what you is!! Gone.

Life is alive. Do not get baptised in a church! No. In a Jason Lake! Be a good being and liver for the reaper!!!!

Don’t fear the reaper


The reaper has something for you


Da da da

Duh da da da

Tug tug

OhNo!!!!!!! NotNowwww!!!NotNowwww











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