Angelina Jolie Actually JOINING Beverly Hills PD !! !!

Put THIS on my TAB, Lloyd- because its totally TRUE!

515688044_angelina-jolie-zoom-ff3217ee-ec0d-4584-8048-511e765420bf Not many people know that Jolie worked as a security guard before, during and after her feature film “Hackers”. Here she is in an interview with California senator, “Ash Qekar” during the last lightning storm…


Angelina, having passed a written test for pre-approval status on form H-29 was held up for a year while her place of birth was being verified. Her father, Jon Voight of the kick ass movie “Anaconda” persisted in withholding her birth certificate saying that she was nuts. “Oh come Jon! All women are witchy. How did she come from you?”. I’d love to sit in a sauna with Jolie, have a staring contest… Yeah! With Voight’s daughter! Heat! Oh the Heat. Just kidding- under penalty of hockey puck made of steel heated up white and….

Bad people around out there. So Jolie is starting as a Lietenant and not on patrol according to my military friend Zeke Morraeu who owns the Nautilis chain in Baker, California. Information changed a little to protect the obssessed and guilty who weave traps in cipher traffic.

In other news, Angelina’s sister and business patner in underwater floral design of orphanage pools- her name is “Tina Kay Bell”- she decided to buy massive stock in Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Brad Pitt was asked about it and he really said THIS:

“Peter Pan is a fairy…”

Well HE IS, isn’t he? Funny- Tinkerbell must PRESS his PANTS because they are nice and straightened. His eyes kinda say “Time to fuck”, then he gets violent and says “Wheeee!”. Awesome.

OFFICER JOLIE- On my next 90210 trip… I will stop for you… Because I will speed like a maniac until I find you. Yet, my dear hacker babe- do not look into my brown sugar crystal blood vamire incubus eyes or… We will both lose our unacquittable magic fitness. There are no males of females in the kingdom castles that burns like hell.

But is really truely sweet and good.

And Brad in The Mexican- hardwired to my brain. Virtu family are celebrities for people who are busy or alone

Can a blog reach you?

Well I will just have to call 90210 PD

SORRY PD… She’s so attractive if I think about getting arrested by someone I named my pillow after

Hah ha



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