So Offensive

“ASMR Banana” – YouTube

I was not offended. I thought it was “tastefully” done. If that was my family, I would be impressed.


If you look up ASMR on YouTube (no link for neutrality purposes), most videos are parasexual. AKA Not-sexual but the science of body hypnotism dependant on auditory stimuli like whispers, kinko role play.. It is AWESOME. But “Banana” woman is… Over 18 and a little NUKE.

She produces maximum goosh sound, says bluntly, “This banana looks lika dihk”, and talks to you about your “dihk” and how it looks like a “going down”- what is “going down”? I am a VIRGIN!!


So women might say she is a slut. Oh, how? She’s clothed, does not “get sexual” with… The Banana… she just pops it in her mouth and eats it and talks. Wizard! Irreverant. I lust the humor! I would high five but not hug her. I’m hitched… no… I have a gf of 11 years… I told her to watch it. Its so funny and hardly naughty.


She even says… “If you m********* to this, I don’t mind. You go right on and do it.”

Slam! That ruins THAT. Little viper. You WYMIN in the WERLD should be proud of your teaser extraordinaire!! Little American Crackerjack blondie. Hijink SHINE in her eyes. Nnnnnnaughty acted perfectly or she really is a whittle WITCH. I just LMAO


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