To Dabu Bay: Love Between An Obsidian Hottie And Me, A White Peach Pleaser

Pleasing my own senses around Keisha, my ebony coworker, who forced me to make out with her

She smiled

Bared teeth in a green

White teeth each with a twin

Nothing missing

She said: “Hey Andy, hey youuuu… I am gonna take care of you…”

We played some billiards

I could not get over her skin

Smooth mysterious like the night sky glistening

I liked the Southern DRAWWLLlll

Oh god

Ye existeth

Mm baby

Then we went to the concert hall and got super dirty nasty and I could not believe how fast she-


Hm hah hee hoooo dee dee dah DAYY

Yaddah bam bam



We only communicate!!


You know?

When the one receives?

She did not listen very long

Left my hanging

I guess I have too much cinnamon in my gummi bear




Don’t judge

I married her we have babies…

Wrong! I used her and she used me.

For a convo I can only class as

Protected quiet intercourse…


I never went back

My gf is North African, Lebanese and Cherokee

If she reads this she’ll skin me with a tomohawk


I like the 50 shades of red

I am a pervert psycho teddy bear

Rub right HERE >>>>>¤<<<<<

That is my tummy

Hee hee

Did you rub it?

Uh huh?

You homo. That is my vagina.


I bet you did not know a boy can have a cyber vagina HUH

It felt good but..

I am going to have to ask you to sleep elsewhere

Also- your technique did not stimulate my cyber vagina

That was a FAKE!!………..

(.) < THIS is my cyber hole

…………………………no nerves

Go on… Stuff this /\ in it….

I been trying

Super horny you know

Then I said “fuck it”… Ironicly what I was trying to do


Go there if my fucking pussy-wang trash mouth offends you and you feel molested like a gorilla grabbed you nuts. Bestiality!- but only if you liked it


See what happens with no pain meds

I punch thecwall break my wrsit

Pee in the shower


To protest toilets

And I am all nuts with spermatazoa migraining to my head from little Jupiter left nut

Nano tacticle nuclear war hear bang head not getting head boxer head CENTRAL

PHUKET!! … Sue at NAMI

Sue really works at NAMI

She still has not found my lost mind. I think we are still meeting at the wine bar. She knows I am sexier than insanity can ever manifest in me…

Incubus the son of sleeping god Apollo


Manslut IDK I am done…


Baywatch on YouTUbe

“Pause” and slow mo repeat on opening sequence for a frenular succubus BONER…. if you are 16!! Ha ha.. I am not potent as I once was. Schwing!! For the blondes all 7 periods except GYM thank god


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