Hey Wizards!!- “Sex Glove No Flush”

I thought my thoughts were private

They are

You think the CIA is naughty? Lookin at the Fakebook at your semi-nude embarrassment…

A’listening for words like “C4 shipment is IN my KNEE-grow” or “time to kill everybody and get on the 6 oclock news”.


Nobody talks about the HORROR of having to tiptoe around “ICEEs” or “tourist attack”, like me who designed code in ENGLISH to say “Towel-ban” or “Al cater” duh wedding and put grenades in the hate-cake

And fuck you




No… I most likely WOULD LIKE you

To not comment






Ha ha HAH!

Little Mexican man, 4’6″ smiles

He is my apartment’s handyman and an angel… Of God Most high.



He manifested one day



“No flush gloves down toilet..”

Omg 😲



That there surgical glove was GONE

I use them for self infusion of my rrrrrrrrrreally nifty IV medicine

Or as a sex glove

Or maybe I practice my “Dexter” in the mirror- no… I like “sex glove”, it makes me look as bad as I am and I love it.

So who sees thru pipes?

If LIGHT is God, then energy is with light and atomic field-combing, besides LOGIC and eyes would reveal a signature of energy from my toilet that only a man who is a seraphim class “OG” can see from within the pipe

That and the reality itself of life the universe and all is pranking me

I am trying my best to relay that the glove is gone- was gone… sex glove went to communal underwater recesses

The God I believe in monitors evils, homocides, occurances of sexual violation- knows everyone by names we do not say, knows your birthday but gives you life all year round- gifts too, but does not care if you are happy on your birthday, nor if you smoke, get prego, feel angry… he is IN it. Heavens are out and away, but also deep within

Who knows if I take a 2? Perverts and the Reality/ Realizer. Me? Not even I know if I drop a 2 I just do. He could say WHEN and that you can feel when truth hurts- like if you call someone a b**** or an a*shole and decide to apologize- mostly it makes things better to amend with a soft word

Like “sex glove”

I flushed it and did not give a shit because the gf moved the garbage and it was covered with Betty Crocker vanilla frosting… and before the DSTP there are catchers. Its like a 5 prong cow condom and I know half of YOU… flush condiment packages down the loo…

Wrap that mayonnaise condiment package in TP- the web says

Well.. Little Mexican Angel Man had a twinkle in his eyes (Mexican Tatu) that said, “Hey pal- its okay. Next time though, I’ll be in the form of a Glasgow Blue Angel and blow torch your armpits to scar and look like dicks.”

Yai ai ai Yaaii!!

He can kick ASS


And be fun too

Hell, I like my angels

Seen 100s among the hundreds of thousands

That is a lot of interesting time spent in a stupor as they speak angelic voz, fly, appear- some are police, others children- their FAVORITE DISGUISE!!


Yeah I need an incinerator

My flesh versus blow torch sounds like a Promethean challenge of pain tolerance

Maybe as a joke, God will allow a drunk surgeon to bisect my penis… Then Ill just tell the law I MUST be allowed to legally marry two gay women who will go for a soft quiet half-weinie each in an Addam’s family reunion gay polygamous wedding night after-school special for big boys like me who can love big

Sex glove x3 THERE

gf runs the video cam

AT The WEDDING!!?? Geez u punks

Sex glove







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