Doubts About Love

If you have divorced, “hi”

If you are with a gf and its love, “right on”

If you are expecting and your husband leaves you, my brother Jesu can feel the hem of your heart and I have him in mine- say “Yaysu” but for now know this writer cares, too

I am of “little christ” stock


Grandmother maiden name: NAZARENVS

I am an actor, but that is true that my family hails from The Knights Templar, but that side of my blood fam was despicable. Not grandma. Her father from hell.

So I do have key cards to “why” on matters of family gossip, emotional and actual incest, hate. Also evils revealed to me in God given dark christ dreams that were kiddie LSD.

God showed me hell and often. Bad god? Bad ass. He loves athiests. I do not. I “like” them. “Evangelical” and “christian” are Pharisee-inundated sects.

Come out all Christ-followers

Find fellowship all day in your fellow man who is faithful.. Not strangely secretly “faith-full” and argues. Athiests who argue online are not who I like. I like the agnostic admirers of the christ who know to avoid a church that assumes to know it all by saying “Jesus loves you”


Jesus loved his father, so-

He said, “Abba forgive them, as they bIindly go-

I’m near finished! “Mother, John!”

She is your mother, you are her son

Yes… Jesus loved John

Yes, thought of HIS MOM

Yes… grave is empty

Yet what of 2016?

I say LIVE


I say LOVE love

I say be REALISTIC, and that The Reality is the face of my god…

Milky way is one of his milk moustaches

The God is the all-god

Manifests many ways to shine truth and broken pieces called “lie”, “sin”, “dysfunk” and crooked paths whether actual, emotional and intellectual- even if you have had a stroke- you are especially awesome that you feel mental chasms. If only we had the peace a stroke victim feels in a loving accepting home…

If only we would distance ourselves from our rebellious children who hit and scream, then they would suffer. I support parents who boot their kids out for dishonoring (hurting) family. Talk to a police officer. My nephew was mad at his mom, and wrote FUCK YOU with heavy logs. I would have made him spell 100 more words to tire him, but she called a cop. It did not defy his dignity. It restored it. Parents divorced. I have been angry like that. But this soceity “soceity of actual bodies” needs to police its own. So the police can focus on actual, not emotional CRIME.

Individualism is not for me. Individuals I see I value like an EMT is not racist or bigoted by definition. Lifesaver. Butterscotch. Me. When I can. Hero comes from “Hiro”… Egyptian. Both he and the Christ said “Save yourselves!”. Jesus adds, “…from this wicked and perverse generation.”

This generation has wicked people. Be as careful of non denominational churches as you are of Catholic and protestants. All believers are the truests priests, made hallowed by God and some to be kind, like Clive Staples Lewis to the Humanists at Oxford. Lewis died on the day JFK died. The press was not on Lewis. Lewis died as an athiest dies. Underappreciated and its fitting. He was so awesome, celebrating him goes on but no big bang. Just talking lions.

What did he see inside and feel?

His wife died.

He saw a phantasm of her… his diary says. He was not a Bible boy. He was a real man.

I want a horse. A horse for this boy-uh.

I want to live.

I like my story. Co-written my me and pure energy God. The pure capital “E” that is: E = E

With NO M.C.

And no square to size

If you think dark matter is everywhere, you may want to rethink how your god or reality of all conducts dark matter

And if this substance is sacred or evil or like a real transformium…

And if (yes) it is in and on Earth

ID-ing dark matter on Earth may prove to be a wicked weapons designer’s greatest joy for optimum mass destruction

Hop to it, scientists…

Lets read EARTH for dark matter

It must be here

Maybe a monolith will pop up NOT

Maybe there is something more in Congo… Alien of Earth, buried in the epicenter where 10,000,000 people have “quietly” died in the radius around MINES where we get a strange material used in all our cell phones

Call Grandma

Use a landline

Stock up on cigars

Its not the end

Its a beginning…


Freighters move ice chunks easily by towing 39 blocks of average size “40,000 tons” cut with a technique that uses implosive RPGs inserted into Antarctica free glacier water. Greenpeace and the U.N. work on it. A military armed tugboat with sub escort and military helipad on it has low gear engine to drag pre-filtered salt free enough ice for Congo. Because Congoese are great people. We need them. African nation’s turn to grow and shine. Obsidian jewel of the Eatrh. The real “Planet Black”.

Specifics on those methods of cutting and towing are in my head. My phone can be traced by a hacker from @EarthAndy, Twitter. Account frozen. I called Isis “ICEES” … ICEE company LIKED it. Someone else ruined my account.

(Jack Nicolson): “can’t handle the truth”

So I dole it in Gerber form now

Oops before

But Michael Jordan says he missed baskets.. I just want to water his family’s home planet

Cyber Space Jam style




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