CTD ITD 360°

CΩnnect The DΩts

In The Därk… 360°

— — — – — — —

The Earth’s oldest night-time game

For the Sons of A

Starry Night

And now science shows they could smoke the Earth from 1,000,000 miles away… like if Betelgeuse wanted to smoke us and Sphere, all… it would be like a whiffless snip hit of WEED, weak and tastefree…

Does Earth matter? It is made of matter! Why ask about matter? All things are matter …


Life Exceeds Mattering-

There is spirit and breathing

Maybe one’s soul is heavy..

Heavier than existance…



Soul is like dark matter

Soul is not light.. It is gravity

I see it in eyes

Eyes of disciplined warriors like veteran Gordon Pisle who may never read this

His eyes are like a White guy in a photo and I can not tell if its the face of a good or bad reaper

Its slim and to me “hallowéd”

Like my grandpa of WWII smelled like sweet spice cologne n death. As a boy I loved it! Now I know that some angels reap pocks and husk nips. I respect it and them.

After my father in law was killed, and- I never have fought anyone physically except wrestle and psych out a mugger, catch a confession from a baddie- I have mostly RAN after attack- like the 2×4 to the face- my grocery job refused my plea to call in sick and my face looked like “The Bashin’ Of The Christ”- girl coworkers CRIED… SCREW GETTING HIT! I study if my gf and I had a break in how to KO and bind, so I need to buy some zips for the hall. The protocol, mine is to make the front hall a maze.

Chain bolt latch = 10% secure. Sucks.

I have William Wallace sticks un-pointed to jab at a vena cava. If psyched, I am strong and can open the hara with a stick and find the vena cava and hold it without killing. Then the saying,

“Got u by the balls…

Changes to

“Don’t move… “V.C.”… only its a break in. So its free play and xxxx you.”


If that happened people may say I am evil

I like to get to the point HARD

Maybe doing a face job with a worse scar than Dexter would slice- a brand


Who has “hot”?


BIC does

So beat the face of the would be rapist of my wife with a William Wallace stick…

My silly heart is ❤ masturbating its areas, excited…

Best bet is live in a castle with robot gun tourrets

Like the President…

All hail the Chief

He is the one we all say a hail to and Mary too and cabs and do not show this post to Barrack

I am a nice guy

I just- do not pack a gun

I am an MMA reject… Not

And matter is stretchy

Especially under fire

Not bullets- skin melts


It reminds a perp that they became victim




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