Kaizen Threshold

1478040926221-2063377575 This is what I see in the mirror…

I have turned Japanese. I really know so. I am a white peach, somehow fallen off a tree, rolled off a hill into the sea.. floated to Oregon. My father picked me up in Seaside where we also got tsunami debris with KANJI.. I turned into a boy- he put me on his back next to his katana scabbard. Its WEST SHINTO legend.

You have not heard of “West Shinto”? Well, its an Oregon secret. My dad, “Miyomoto”, built pipes of cedar to heaven. He was struck by a meteor and lost his swordsmanship. I lost all knowledge of my birth. The Lady of the Sky Iris Clan took care of my warrior father for seven years in the wooden castle house of the imminent immolation.

My horse caught fire after I was drugged by ninjas of the no-no ryu in Tigard- ninjas bent on kayakujutsu madness who kept genetically altered dog-cats and bear-dragons in iron kennels for the Red Day of Woe. I set them free and I keep them in my own castle temple- the Horizon Skull- my own condemned cave house of light.

Actually, its all true- in a Life of Pi way.

“Shinto” is a national religion.

Emperor of Japan,

Greetings. I wish to offer the State of Oregon as your footstool as a gift of peace for time and eternity. I was born here. Yet Miyomoto Musashi’s spirit connects me and has guided me as a different kind of “Asian”. I am Caucasian. Spiritually a wild card but prefer miuki peace and love Nippon.

So as soon as I get a big enough rope, and Oregon votes to secede from the USA, I am fixing to swim it over, towing it. Or, would you send a Shinto priest to addendum our land? I’m not kidding about the priest. I think we are ready. Lots of Asian culture, Japanese influenced. A declaration of spiritual bond and new festivities for Oregon is really due. Bless you and your house, O Emperor and live forever.

Kaizen to kaizen,

Andy Harrison



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