Haifa Count: Twenty One

1478137939493-1633708803.jpgTwenty One Andros in da Water

Twenty One guys

21 = a double

There remain no lies

No lies

No lies

Dead in wasser is a biscuit prize

Maelstrom inside


Not of war

Not of boat malfunction

Not of capsizings

Of intrapersonal horrors faced

A deceadant cadaver tells me someone is safe

That one takes faith to believe in

21 21 21 21

And HERE’S a TOAST to the living still here on this Earth who LIVED thru that tragedy!!!

Have a merry Xmas with less sodium-AGUA!!

Flooding problems?? Phuket

Phucket all had problems

I was 14 when that ferry went under

Told some details today

I really wanna fuckin forget

But living Navy guys in U.S. should know someone gives a shit

Ocean is not “pretty”

Its all demon blood in disguise

If God wanted us to ship, he’d have given us swim bladders




I am a psychenaut and sensory deprivation float master and near-drowning survivor

You homogenous ex-soldiers are fucked up like me

So thanks


Ok 👌

Use your protrusion.

Your protrusions and WRITE if you are NAVY

I won’t tell

I’m just asking

If you are a gay Navy girl, super

Even if you are a boy girl gay gan

I am a

I don’t know

A yin yin

I have two dicks- no girl wants me



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