Too Hot


Mekkah1974@gmail is a commoners address

It is not secure except for me because I acquirred it in a hand off

My legal name unattatched, I message no confidential or pertainant info

Paranormal junction in IRL happens there

Use of another commoner computer would eliminate virus risk and probably whack your computer

I am not a hacker

I am paranormal… On line

Sorta normal

Off line IRL


_ _ _ _ _

In your coffee?

Yes no

No goodbye

Yes, how much?

Light med heavy

Yes me too

(Not an exact 1/3 of you)

Feel me? Yes no

Yes- that’s not me

No- it sorta was

Duplicity or unity?


I like magnification of Yeshua’s name

Not mine

Mine is next to… Yours

We walk the planet Nov 1/2 2016







Squeegie Board

Dumbo cell-tron

Zip sword

I wish I could just watch cable instead of be smart. Some of my nice friends say WISE. Wise as? As what- I say I’m nothin’… Blue sky and NW Indian evergreen Winter is teats!

Mt Hood is tops

Beach is sweet

Don’t move here…


Go away KITTY!! 🐱-mroo


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